Ruach Battle Group LogoWelcome to the battle group!

This is the starting point for this discussion group as we allow the Lord to send us helpers in the work. I have always intensely disliked the in your face popups and ugly dialog boxes which attempt to browbeat people into subscribing to an email list or whatever.
I won’t do it.

I’m looking for people who are seriously looking for a place to discuss the state of Christian books, especially fiction. We see this as a holy calling to help with the final harvest. This website is dedicated toward helping Christians, whom God has called to write or read genuinely Christian books. Most of our discussion is carried out in a private [& confidential] Facebook group. Let me know if you’re interested in that. It’s a checkbox in the new form of engagement below.

Why confidential?

For several reasons. Authors and readers need a place to share and ask open questions without fear of reprisal or ridicule. In the age of the Great Falling Away, being Christian is not politically correct. More than that we have pledged fealty to another King, in a glorious Kingdom without end. This makes worldly governments a bit queasy, at the least. After all, we are advocating the overthrow of the Creep’s worldly system. We may also have members from areas of the globe where Christianity is illegal. We need to be able to keep confidences. The basic rule is:

Never share things from the group without getting approval from the group

Send us this form to become involved with the group.

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