The Ascended Light Miraculous Reality Series brings serious spiritual warfareThe Ascended Light Miraculous Reality Series brings serious spiritual warfare to the final harvest. The Lord has a problem with what the enemy is doing to drag people to Hell as the Rapture draws near. So, he does what He normally does and raises up an unlikely person of God—then gives him or her a wonderful spouse to help.

In this case we are talking about Denzell Trujillo, a non-believing young freshman art student of Mexican/Afro-Latina heritage at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. One day, as he just about falls asleep in church, Jesus talks to him. Within three days, this innocuous young man has a radical rebirth experience in the middle of a sophisticated artisan bakery while he is asking his Sunday school teacher, “what is going on?”

What the Lord brings him through, step-by-step, mixes the marvelous with the miraculous into radical spiritual warfare and satisfaction he hadn’t even imagined.

The Ascended Light Miraculous Reality Series brings serious spiritual warfare

It started with research into the background of the groups involved with the riots and violence the summer of 2020. I was amazed at how strong the occult tie-ins were. Then I started adding in the likelihood of satanic efforts which are in process to bring the Antichrist to power. I says to myself, “Self! I think there’s a story here.” What ended up was the Ascended Light Series.
Book One: Peace in Chaos will be released for Halloween 2020.

Booko One: Ascended Light, Peace in ChaosPeace in Chaos

Book One in the Ascended Light Series

Urban fantasy or miraculous reality?
What do you do when the hero and heroine’s lives are real, yet so fantastic? Truth in heroic urban fantasy—what a concept. We start with Denzell Trujillo, a new college freshman art student in Albuquerque, falling asleep in church when the Lord talks to him—so clear he was sure it was out loud. Within three days, he’s a new creation powerfully reborn into a life of wonder. Even more startling, the people he respects think he has powerful things to do—soon!

Then there’s Raquel Henstrum, a young female computer genius tied up in the evil he’s learning to battle. She becomes a real trial: a strong temptation and a target of intercession. But the intercession won’t work unless he remains pure.

Raquel is hooked deep into the evil world of her boss, a black magician, and terrified by the demon who controls her. But she finds unexpected times of clarity and freedom. What is going on?

More than that, the evil coming upon Albuquerque is nearly beyond the people’s comprehension. Where’s it coming from? Who can stop it? Only the anointing of the Lord…