The Truth & Beauty series is launched into TaosThe Truth & Beauty series is launched with Peace in Taos. This new series takes the spiritual warfare superhero series of Ascended Light and turns it toward a larger presence in the world. What would happen if the Lord tarried? Ascended Light Design, Servants of Jíísas, and Nizhóní Artwork would continue to grow. But how, and where?

But, be aware: This is all talking about real Christians living within an evil world system. It is possible to live in this level of victory in our lives. This is showing the reality of the Kingdom of God.

The action shifts to Taos, where the focus is on local artists and creativity, as opposed to the upscale fine art center on Canyon Road. The original assumption is that the Lord wants a localized version of Nizhóní Artworks on Canyon Road. But the Lord always has creative, specialized ways to get the last of the Gentiles before He pulls the church out.

The Truth & Beauty series is launched into TaosBirthed out of Ascended Light Design series

It all seems quite innocuous. After all, they discovered with the gallery on Canyon Road how to do this. But the Ascended Light organization never counted on Hans and Mildred Gunnarson. This widowed couple was put together by the Lord to bring change to Ascended Light. The widowed woodworker, now radically reborn, is put together with the widowed best friend of his first wife. Hans and his father made a killing in real estate in Taos, in the 1980s and ’90s. He’d promised his wife, on her death bed, that he’d build her that place for Jesus on Taos Plaza. Now he finally knew what to do with his fortune. Will all of Taos be radically changed? They learn it’s all about adding the anointing to daily living. Simple stuff.

Book One: Peace in Taos released May 10, 2021

Peace in TaosPeace in Taos, Book One in Truth & Beauty

The Kingdom of God invades Taos — the description

Daniel and Karen Windrush are uneasy. They sense change is coming, and when it does their world will be radically changed. It’s as if they are Cinderella and the fairy godfather arrives. Yet this new man in their lives begins his entry with birth from above into the Kingdom of the Messiah.

The story of Hans and Mildred Gunnarson is old yet radically new. The Lord has big things for them to do—beyond their wildest imaginations. But then, walking in newness of life is always the story of a move from the World to the Kingdom. The strait and narrow path leads to adventure and not many choose to take that journey.

The Taoseños in this small town in northern New Mexico have no idea what is coming—though the enemy is near panic. The Kingdom brings Peace through Truth & Beauty. That’s a lot to handle—even for the people called to the work.

But as usual, step by step, line upon line, precept upon precept, His plan unfolds. The Creator has things for them to do. At times the joy flips them over into worship, but He is worthy of that—as you know. Join the adventure!

Book Two: Truth & Beauty Village was released, July 1, 2021

Truth & Beauty VillageTruth & Beauty Village is built

The Kingdom of God builds a home in Taos — the description

Spiritual life as it is meant to be

The new Truth & Beauty Gallery is wonderful—it does indeed bring the Presence of the Lord into the Historic District of Taos. But if they think that’s all there is, they better catch a seat and hang on. This is spiritual life in the Kingdom of God—and His definition of life goes far beyond what’s seen these days.

The Windrushs and Chibittys think everything is under control. The gallery’s complete and they can simply supervise its growth and expansion. True! But do they have any idea what the Creator will do when He’s given a chance? The power of faith and obedience is far beyond what is seen in the America of the 21st century.

Who would’ve thought the troublemakers are the old 77-year-old woodworker and his wife? Actually, you should have figured it out in the first book. But this all goes far beyond what they had imagined also.

The Lord has some severely damaged creative types who He plans to redeem and recreate. He brings them in from all over. He gets them born from God, intensely mentored, and then sets them to work. But see what happens when they believe what they’re told, trust in the One who is able, and step out in faith and obedience—with some fear and trembling.

It’s really fun and edifying. It’s a ride like you secretly hoped was going to happen when you met Jesus. That’s what should have happened, but like me, you didn’t believe enough.

Book Two: Truth & Beauty Anointed Living released [September 2021]

Truth & Beauty Anointed LivingAnointed Living

Bringing the anointing into your daily life

Touching the lives of Taoseños

The new Truth & Beauty Village has brought a thriving believing community into Taos—and the town doesn’t have any idea. The Lord wants to rescue anyone in the area who is willing to look at the Truth. He seems to be in a mood to hasten things along. Almost as if the end of the age of the Gentiles is approaching fast.

The employees of Truth & Beauty are ready to relax a bit, but the Lord has other plans. No one expected that the new vision would come through Tomás. His idea is simple, but how to accomplish it? Adding the anointing of the Lord with items for everyday living. Simple, right?

What is surprising is how much the Lord uses the marriages He keeps adding. I mean, what can a couple do when the Lord tells them flat out, “I made you for each other—before you were born.”? But the power and joy of those relationships is simply wonderful. The United States in the new millennium has no idea of the power found in covenant marriage. They are about to find out.

The Truth & Beauty family is tight, supporting, loving, and growing large. It’s a real source of strength. But why did the Lord put it together? The severely injured and damaged creatives are remarkably transformed—fit into confident pairs with the ability to stand strong. But now that He has them knit together into the powerful force of Truth & Beauty, He begins showing them that there is something more.