Northfield Development Series targets religious elitismThe Northfield Development Series targets religious elitism. Globalism is led by self-acknowledged elitists. This same issue infects the church and has ever since ever since Rome took over the leadership of the young church.

Supposedly, that was fixed with the Reformation. But it didn’t take long before this same elitism took over the Lutherans, Anglicans, Presbyterians, and even the Methodists.

The Lord is tired of it. Some of his worst problems, when He was in the flesh, were the Pharisees and the Sadducees—the elitists of that period of religious history.

Northfield Development Series targets religious elitism

Originally, Edvard Odegaard merely thought that he was supposed to do a gallery like his brother, Nils, had with Spirit of Fire Gallery in Red Wing, Minnesota. But then the Lord disciplined him a bit, which resulted in him meeting the Lord Jesus for real, this time.

Shortly after that, the Lord sends him a wonderful wife. You know how that works. The Lord normally works through strong marriages. He is doing it again. He works a miracle, getting him the property he needed. But in the process of that, the Lord gives him a property in which to build a school for artists.

Northfield has two wonderful world-class colleges: St. Olaf and Carleton. The creative focus of these schools is mainly on performance art. St. Olaf has the St. Olaf Choir—which may be the best college choir in the world. They’re better than most professional choirs. Carleton has the Weitz Center for Creativity with a strong focus on performance art like dance, theater, and so on.

Both schools offer coursework for artists—you know, painters, sculptors, and the rest of the fine arts. But there is nothing practical to show student how to support themselves as artists. The Haugean School of the Arts is a school specifically designed to give their student/trainees practical help toward living a live of creativity supporting themselves by their skills. Many of the ideas and concepts come from Hans Hauge, who lived in Norway at the end of the eighteenth century.

The people the Lord pulls together to do this for Him are a delight. The changes to the entire city are immense. As I said, the Northfield Development Series targets religious elitism. What fun!