Adding the anointing to living — an excerpt from my work in progress: Truth & Beauty's Anointed Living.The adding the anointing to living excerpt will show you how this works in the real world. It’s taken from the Meeting Jesus Saga, book Seven, Anointed Living.

They are training new hires in the furniture making department who have no idea what they are being asked to do. Lyle Etsitty, the head of furniture production, is explaining what these believing craftspeople are going to need to do. Ajei is a powerfully anointed wood carver. She and her husband head up the WoodButchers woodworking shop. The new furniture line is a recent outgrowth of WoodButchers.

The reaction to the “Adding the anointing to living” video in the book

Lyle…moved on. “All right, let’s go.” He led off to the office, started up the computer, and went online to find the video. “OK, here it is. If you have questions, stop me and we’ll deal with it right then, if necessary.” He opened the video and went over to dim the lights.

Ajei came on the screen. She was standing by her carving bench where a half-finished carving was mounted. “Good morning. I have taken some time to share with you the simple steps to add the anointing to your work. It doesn’t matter if you’re a carver, like me, or a framer putting together houses. For Truth & Beauty, we need and expect the anointing to be evident in your work, and the product you produce.

“I’m not going to be talking about your skills and experience. I know the Lord will help you there if anything needs to be changed. I’m talking about holiness.

“If you want the Lord to work through you and add His anointing to your work, you need to be cleaned up, and have a close personal relationship with Jesus. If you’re not, everything you do will always have mistakes, problems, and at best you’ll get strokes for being such an excellent woodworker. Your work will not impact the people you are working for—the people who buy your product.

“That’s the bottom line. We are doing this to change and transform lives. We’re working for the person who designed and built the hummingbird, the lion, the dog, and simply carved the Grand Canyon as a small side effect of his transformation of the world during and after the Flood. If getting cleaned up can give me access to that level of power, count me in.

“Now, I’m assuming that as you met the Lord, you asked the Holy Spirit to show you all of your sin. You became horrified, and asked Jesus to forgive you. He did and you asked Him to save you and come live in You. He graciously did that—filling you with the Holy Spirit, and His Power, in the process. You were completely clean, reborn as a new creation in the Messiah.

“But, as you know, little things creep into our lives. The Holy Spirit shows us and normally we repent, are made clean again, and continue walking in the Spirit. But there are some things we miss, often because we have no idea we’re doing anything wrong.

“But to receive the anointing on our work, we need it to be available all the time. It is, but when there’s sin in our lives, our faith is compromised. Guilt, depression, unforgiveness, bitterness, any number of things can make us unable to freely walk in the Spirit.

“So, before I start work, I spend time in prayer. I ask the Holy Spirit if there is any sin I need to get rid of. If He doesn’t show you anything, you’re in good shape. So, then you can simply ask the Lord for knowledge, wisdom, and guidance so that you can allow Him to anoint your work. If He shows you something, you repent and ask for His forgiveness. Then, you’re clean again, and you can get to work.”

“When the anointing is there, it is amazing. The Spirit will show you what to do next. He’ll let you know about mistakes, so you can fix them. He’ll solve your design or production questions or issues with clear thoughts of guidance. Sometimes, He’ll tell me I need to ask my husband for help. Other times, he’ll send someone by who sees a problem. He is amazingly creative. It’s a wonderful life.

“Thank you. Pray about what I’ve said. The Lord has the answers you need.”

She turned around, muttering clearly, “All right, Lord, are we OK? I need your anointing.” And she started carving again.

The men were stunned. Henry was sobbing, quietly. Lyle motioned for the other two to be silent until Henry was all right. He held his hands together to ask them to pray. They heard him say, “Holy Spirit show me my sin.” It wasn’t long before he was reacting to all the things he was being shown. “Lord,” he cried. “Yes, I did all of that. I don’t want to be like that any more. Will you forgive me?… You did! Thank you, Jesus! Will you come live in me?…Oh, Lord, you’re amazing. You love me. Thank you, Jesus. I love you, Lord. I praise you. You are the only worthy King. I’m so thankful I can serve you. I worship you Lord…”

By then Lyle, and then Carl and William joined in the worship. Henry slipped into a new language, and the worship increased. After over a minute, it subsided. Henry looked around. He smiled. “I always wondered why I didn’t have tongues. Now I know. What a wonderful Lord He is.”


It really is that simple, just believe.

But, you need to ask afresh, every day, every time… Otherwise, it’s a walk of habit, not faith. The Lord requires faith.