Religious Evil, Book One in the Revised Ferellonian King seriesReligious Evil introduces Ferrelâr and a boy. The world has become a scary place.

The Primate of the church brings religious evil 

The brutal soldiers of the Primate’s Shield—especially its elite Thorn—are terrorizing the Known. These gentle, loving people are hated by Primate Heglin. They don’t fit into the religion. He can’t control them. The Primate considers liturgy to be the power of the church.

After his father’s woodworking shop is torn apart by the Shield while he’s working with his father, twelve-winter-old Joen Bjarn’son responds with hatred. But, he had no idea what results he would trigger. Six years later he’s running for his life, and he learns the reality and depth of the evil.

Princess Raqhel is a compulsive scholar trying to escape the horrors of her brother and the Palace courtiers. She hides in the books of the Palace Library. But then her brother goes too far and she must escape. What a shock that was! She soon finds herself running for her life as well.

Society and daily living are thrown into chaos throughout the land. But all the Lord will tell Joen is that the Primate is not really the problem. He’s not supposed to fight him, but lead the people without a shepherd into a closer relationship with the Lord. He knows he’s incapable of doing that—yet those results are following him as he travels around West Luczidal, the richest Manor of Ferrelâr, on the island of Ferellon.

He’s stunned by the Lord’s calling that he is to be the King of all Ferellon. He cannot believe that. It’s absurd. There has never been a king of Ferellon. Yet, it was prophesied in the Tale. His friends are convinced. All Joen can do is give it back to Ansél, trusting Him to take care of it. After all, He’s the King of kings—Lord of all.

Religious Evil introduces Ferrelâr and a boy

Joen and Raqhel discover that the Lord has amazing plans—virtually unbelievable. But the key to success is found in faith. That’s a truly difficult path of discipleship. The wisdom of the Lord is stunning in its simplicity. You just need to base your life on what you cannot see. However, the blessings are wonderful as Ansél responds to the faith of His friends. He really can’t help Himself. That’s who He is. There are good reasons why He is loved as He is by His friends.