The Meeting Jesus Saga 8-10 takes what was added in book seven and expands—but Minnesota? That’s really a surprise to all but the Lord.

Chozen Frozen Gallery is no joke

Book 8, Meeting Hope, Stillwater, MinnesotaBook eight, Meeting Hope, seems like more of the same like we saw at Truth & Beauty, but you should know better by now. This new tale remains joyful, realistic fiction, with a happy ending. It takes place in the same world where Ascended Light Design, Servants of Jíísas, and Truth & Beauty reside. But it’s in a radically different culture. From individualistic New Mexicans to nice Minnesotans—that is professionally nice, often with no real personal contact.

The Lord is working to save all people possible before the end of the age of the Gentiles, which is rapidly approaching. As usual, the work is based on solid, believing marriages. That’s where the power in believing lives is found. It’s the core of the Lord’s plan. Which is why the world is fighting it so hard. But in this story, you get to see more about how it works in power.

Many of these marriages are between two badly damaged artists who need the support of a strong marriage to do what they do. So, the Lord introduces them and then very quickly tells each of them that He designed each of them for each other. With their horrendous backgrounds, they get married [with strong intense mentoring in Biblical marriage for a week or two] in a matter of a couple weeks—to avoid falling into sin via the temptations of the flesh.

But, this is not about just getting a few crazy creatives saved. It’s all about the major new work that Jesus wants to be done. After a long wait, this is the first global expansion of Truth & Beauty. To Stillwater, Minnesota?

Book 9, Meeting Warfare, Stillwater, MinnesotaBook nine, Meeting Warfare, is not the scary, iffy tale that concerns you. It’s a little known secret in the world that the demonic enemies have been defeated. Meeting Warfare exposes that for you to ponder. The attacks come out in the open. But the results merely strengthen the fortress in the Kingdom. Read Psalm 2 about the derision and laughter of the Lord.

When the Stillwater Mission series first began, the Lord had given a prophecy through Stella where He told all the people to prepare for battle, but to fear not. The Lord said He had it under control. in this tale, they discover that He meant what He said.

Spiritual battles are very different from what worldly entertainment tells us. For Hollyweird is actually part of the world system the enemy uses to control the heathen, as you know.

It’s not that the dangers are not real. People who seek evil for power can be very nasty. However, their control of demons is deceptive illusion. The demons control them—viciously and ruthlessly.

But, the demons are no threat to the One who created them. They can only do what He allows, as long as His people have faith and do what He asks them to do. He uses them to train us for war. The Earth is the training place of Mankind.

Chosen Frozen expands to Red Wing

Book 10, Meeting Fire, Red Wing, MinnesotaBook ten, Meeting Fire, brings the Lord’s prophetic direction to pass. When Chozen Frozen Gallery in Stillwater, Minnesota, was first opened to the public, they received two specific words of prophecy and knowledge. Book nine covered the first. But the second was barely seen. As usual it was a surprise, when it happened.

The Lord told them that there would be outposts in Red Wing and Northfield which would build off the legacy of the Hans Hauge evangelistic movement within the Norwegian Lutheran church around 1800. The Red Wing Seminary in the late 1800s had been a Hauge Synod work teaching lay people to share the Gospel powerfully, with people in their daily lives.

The outposts would be started when they were contacted by descendants of those evangelists. That would give them the entrance they would use to establish the outpost. They were to make non-specific preparations, getting people ready to help with an unspecified new work. So, they did that, keeping their hands off until the Lord started the process.

Of course, that was an excellent idea, because when it started, they were truly surprised. It was really fun, because in many ways this was a very different vision. One that would work for Red Wing, Minnesota. As usual, the Lord puts together a family of several couples to do the work. The Kingdom is normally built on marriages of two solid believers ready to do whatever He leads them to do.

Beginning from that baseline, the Lord works marvels—wondrous things. I mean, Jesus is the Creator. He knows how to do it well. He knows how to take care of His people. The strangely unbelievable is commonplace in the Kingdom of God. It’s who He is. He can’t help himself.