Demonic Royal brings spiritual evilDemonic Royal brings spiritual evil and returns the throne to the Fendrales. But the process starts out very dark. Horrifying, in fact. Ferrelär is assaulted with the worst, most overt evil it’s ever experienced. As I’ve mentioned, the series is high fantasy dealing with the war between good and evil in a coming of age tale.  Both are depicted honestly and truthfully—which leads to a bit of edginess. It’s built on the premise I’ve discussed in many places, that spiritual Truth, in the modern world, has become fantasy to most, even to those who play with the occult.

Demonic Royal brings spiritual evil

Book Two of the Revised Ferellonian King series continues the tale, but now we switch from a spiritually powerless primate to a warlock royal with an addiction to raw power and fleshly indulgence. Now we must deal with an unrestrained evil. Will Ferrelär turn back to the Lord who has blessed them so powerfully in the past? Or, will the entire culture drop any pretense of religion in favor of physical pleasure?

More importantly, how does all of this fit into Joen’s call to be the King of the entire island? At present, his concern is helping Princess Raqhel as she goes through her trials. The Lord’s call on her life is as radical as His call on Joen. As all believers soon realize, the Lord’s ways are far beyond what we can imagine. But once you have learned the basics of spiritual warfare, the problems often become laughable. The enemy has nasty, brutal, and ugly down well. But the actual power was broken by our Messiah—millennia ago. The enemy’s power is found in fools who let him do what he wants to do—not realizing that he needs a human to work in. On his own, all he has are lies and fear with nothing to back it up. He corrupts the power of a human.  But even there the human must agree to let him do that.