Hagiai Gem Hunters series is available — but, it’s only a single book, Touches of Beauty. It’s the story of a group of silversmiths and hard rock sculptors who are called by Jesus to spread the knowledge of the little Touches of Beauty scattered, on purpose, throughout creation.

Hagiai Gem Hunters series is available

Hagiai Gem Hunters series is availableTouches of Beauty is a novel which takes place at the same time as Meeting Warfare, book 9 in the Meeting Jesus Saga, so it’s it’s book 9.5 in the saga

Here’s the Blurb:

Some good news to counter the bad news

A group of believing silversmiths and stone cutters, who are focused on sharing the touches of beauty which the Lord has left scattered around His creation for our enjoyment, begins their work.

Jason is an abject failure. When his wife died suddenly, without warning, he fell apart. But as the owner of a jewelry store in Albuquerque, he had people dependent upon him, and he had failed them badly. He was going bankrupt, but worse he was having thoughts of suicide.

The Lord saw His opportunity to get Jason to make the necessary decisions, and the depressed widower is transformed—but it takes a while. However, it is remarkable what happens when a new believer is introduced to Truth—the conversational presence of Jesus in his or her life (plus, a Holy Spirit-sent mentor). Jason soon realizes that radical changes are needed, and by the grace of God, he makes them.

But he needs help. The Lord’s solution is his normal first option—a spouse designed to meet his need, while he is designed to meet hers. He didn’t expect her to fall out of the sky, but it was wonderful. From that beginning, the Lord assembles a strong working group building it with truly messed up people. But they all fit well into His plan. And the work grows.

It’s a tale told Biblically, focusing on the people called by the Lord, and leaving the nasties to their own devices in the past. Because of the times, things are compressed. In the Bible the Holy Spirit skips over the years of waiting, and development of character. But at this point in time, the Lord doesn’t have that luxury, for the end of the age of the Gentiles is upon us. So, things happen quickly, but it still reads like a tale out of scripture.

It’s fiction, so there is fun along the way. Plus, a lot of heart-felt thanksgiving and worship. The story will build you up allowing you a glimpse of what your life would be like if you just trust Jesus and do what He suggests. It could transform your life, as well.