Anointed Life finds victory in trust.Anointed Life finds victory in trust very much as King David did. The Praise Brigade leading the warriors into battle wreaks havoc on the enemy troops. The enemy troops are not people—those spirits use people for their own nasty purposes.

Anointed Life, Book 3 of The Revised Ferellonian King series explores creative leadership. One of the concepts hardest to instill in leadership is the simple fact that leading with prayer and worship is immensely powerful. Like all of us, the spiritual battle is what matters. Our access to spiritual things is the Lord. He will show us what is going on and how he wants us to respond.

The tale of Joen Bjarn’son being raised up from a rage-driven boy to king of the island is one of humility and trust. He knows he’s not able to bring it about. He’s not competent to be trusted with the office. But he knows who is. It’s always about following the King and letting Him rule over you.

Anointed Life finds victory in trust, not in himself

The king to be lives his life the way you and I do—on our better days. That’s why he’s a hero. It’s all about following the Lord, asking for help and guidance. The Lord always provides that—if we ask. We need to work hard to learn His voice. He usually doesn’t ask us to fight. He asks us to trust Him knowing He has the power to get it done. But how can He ask if we’re not listening?

It’s a miraculous life. Mine is also, and so is yours—if you’re listening. I’m not asked to change the nation. I’m shown what He wants me to do, and He changes the nation. Once we are in submission to the Lord, the healings, deliverances, blessings, and all the rest follow in our wake. If He asks me to lead the nation, the process will remain the same. Humble yourself, worship the One who is worthy, and follow Him to the victory. Enter into His rest…