Writing anointed fiction with the Lord—Why do I care it is anointed? The basic answer is simple. As a believer, who has given my life as a living sacrifice, everything I do is supposed to be anointed. I no longer control my life. I have given that control over to the Lord. Everything I do is in response to Jesus’ control over my life.

The problem, of course, is that I am not very good about actually doing that. Most of that is because the Lord exercises that control in my spirit. Often, my spirit is not in control of my soul or my flesh. The result of that is disaster. Every time my spirit is not in control, I end up doing what my soul or, worse yet, my flesh decides to do.

But I write fiction!

So what? As a believer, everything I do is to be controlled by my spirit. That’s where I live in connection to the Holy Spirit. The problem is that I have to chose that. It’s not a settled issue. “Oh, I did that in January, 1974. I’m covered.” No, it’s by faith. Faith only works now: today, this hour, this minute, this second.

This moment, I’m not sure what to write next. So I asked the Him, “Lord I need your anointing, touch me by your Spirit and guide my writing.” And now, I have some words to write. When that runs dry, I need to turn to the Lord again and ask Him again for the anointing. I need His Holy Spirit to inspire me, guide my mind and my thoughts, protect me from the enemy, to write the words that will touch your heart and transform your writing.

Why? Because that’s what He led me to believe I was to do today after I got home from church. Is that part of my normal Sunday routine? No. So what? It’s what He led me to do today, right now.

But I write fiction. Ah ha. Today is my Sabbath break, so I don’t write fiction today. That’s my current work I do to fulfill my call. But, I have given this day over to the Lord for His purposes. He told me to start this little , or maybe big, book on how to write anointed Christian fiction. He hasn’t told me what will result, yet.

If it turns into a long web page, then He’ll tell me to publish it. But that’s not my problem today. My task is to respond to His anointing on my life by being obedient to what He asks me to do—today. It all gets down to the basic question that has led my life since that day I gave myself to Jesus.

What do you want me to do next, Lord?

That’s what I asked Him as I walked in the door a little while ago. I just told you what He told me to do. So, here we are. I’m getting ready to ask Him, “Where do I go from here?” But first I’m going to lean back, have a sip of hot coffee and ponder for a while. Then I’ll go edit what I’ve written so far. For example, I’m still adjusting the paragraph styles as I write fully formatted in InDesign. Then I’ll be back.

Hi! I’m back. Is this whole book going to be like this? I doubt it. But it’s where He has me starting. One of the things we’ll be talking about is the need to be transparent. I need to be transparent with my self, and then with you, gentle reader. Of course, that’s a large assumption. I have no idea if you’re a gentle soul. But since I’m writing for believers in Yeshua my Messiah, it’s a good possibility. I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt.

Is this all absurd? Definitely not. I’m talking about the need to be this open with myself and the Lord as I write. This afternoon, I’m just letting you in on it, for a while. What I’m doing is never a game. This is all life and death. It’s about the fruit of my life. And I want lots of good fruit.

Writing anointed fiction with the Lord

It will all be over soon. The Lord will come to pick us up, or I’ll go home to Him before that. But at seventy-seven years old, those options are coming quickly for me. I don’t have time to be fooling around aimlessly. Like Paul told me, “Make the most of the time for the days are evil.” Isn’t that the truth in the summer of 2021?

I’m forty seven years old in the Lord, and there’s no way I can put into words how quickly time has flown by. It’s always been a serious thing for me. But things seem more urgent now. There’s a very good chance that the Lord will come to pick up His Bride before I have time to go the old-fashioned way—croak!

So, how do I do that?

Like I told you, I ask the Lord what He wants me to do next. I’m going to go and get some lunch.

Repent, while you can...

So, how did you respond to that graphic assault on your mind? I have no idea. My response was, “Lord, is there anything I need to repent of?” He told me, “No, David.” So, I went and made my lunch.

But, the point is—it wasn’t flip or just placed there on a whim. I felt need to remind us that He could come before I finish this sentence. Shucks! So, I’ll write the next one. That’s the time in which we are living. Jesus keeps on repeating, “I’m coming soon.” I have a large sign on my front lawn,

Watch and pray! Here comes Jesus…

Yea, I know. It’s from last Christmas. I’m going to do a new banner, but I haven’t thought of anything that says it better. So, until then…

Keeping current, all ’fessed up

The first requirement for writing anointed fiction

I’m serious. You cannot write anointed fiction if there is any sin in your life. Thankfully, that’s an easy problem to fix. You ask the Holy Spirit seriously, “Lord, show me any sin in my life.” If He shows you anything, repent. The last time I seriously asked that question was during the sermon at church this morning.

Once you’ve done that, you’re clean. If I have asked that question seriously, the Holy Spirit will respond seriously. If I ask the Lord to forgive me and repent of what He shows me, then I’m clean. Period. It’s all about faith.

Jesus is not playing games with us. If we ask about things like that He’ll tell us. It does help if you pray in tongues while you wait for the answer. If you can’t do that, just accept it by faith. He will tell you. Repent and ask, and He will forgive you. And, you’re clean again. It really is that simple. If you ask Him to show you any sin in your life, then take it by faith. That prayer He answers.

Once that is taken care of, you’re ready to ask Him for His anointing and start writing. But it can’t be that easy. I never said anything about being easy. When you start this, you’ll probably run across sin you’re rather fond of. But you’re just a slave of righteousness. Buck up, Bucky. Repent and be set free. Ask the Lord to show you how to make your repentance real. He will. But easy? Not at first.

It is true, that after years of practice it, does come a lot easier. One thing I’ve learned in forty seven years is that unconfessed sin really messes up my life. Sometimes, I fall a few times before I get the victory. But, rest assured, the Lord is in the process of making you righteous. Your holiness is assured. Just don’t give up.

So, how does this affect my book?

Here comes the crunch time…

If I want to write an anointed book, I must give the Lord control. I’ve had my share of really bad ideas. The worst rebuke I get is a soft, “that’s not a good idea, David.” It’s up to me to take that seriously. Surely, you’ve learned by now that the Lord doesn’t guide us with a cattle prod. It’s a still, soft voice of ALMIGHTY GOD.

Yes, your book is that serious to Him. He wants you to be fruitful. He can anoint you to write that book. But have no doubt. He is Lord. You are humble servant. And it’s a wonderful, good thing. He’ll show you amazing things. If, you get out of the way and, let Him do it.

I can testify that it’s a wonderful joy to ask for the anointing. Start writing and go with how He leads. Afterward, you go back and read what you wrote and your honest opinion is: “That’s amazing. I never could have thought of that. Thank you, Jesus.”

It feels like I’m just writing it. But the results clearly show a supernatural anointing on the words. Remember, the One you’re asking anointed Isaiah, Paul, John, and all the rest. You probably don’t have the same calling they did. But you’re in touch with the same Holy Spirit of power and glory. You can learn to do this. You’re in the Kingdom. But, it’s possible to write anointed fiction.

Does it take practice? Of course! But the Lord has perfect patience, and He loves you beyond measure.

So, how do I come up with a story?

That will be different for every one of you. Some of you will want to start with a complete anointed outline. That doesn’t work for me. But there’s nothing wrong with it. You need to find your own walk with the Lord.

For me, I spend as long as it takes to come up with a general idea. Then I start thinking about where I’m going to start with whom. As soon as I have that, I go with it.

“Lord Jesus, you know what I’m thinking. I need you to anoint my writing, Lord. I really have no idea where to go with this. So, I’m trusting you to help.”

And I start writing.

From there, He and I build a story. I’m the page layout mechanic, and the story teller. The content is anointed by Jesus and I love it. He’s the One who knows how to touch people deeply with words.

Sometimes, I’ll read it and it doesn’t seem right and I’ll delete it [or part of it]. That ebb and flow continues until I reach the end. Sometimes He simply delights me. When I finished my latest novel yesterday or the day before, it was with word number 100,000. That was a nice chuckle.

Remember your mentor!

Never forget who you’re dealing with…

I imagine some of you are freaking out. “How can I possibly do what this idiot is asking me to do?” That’s all between you and the Lord. I have had those demonic thoughts myself. It took me a while to realize the source of the thoughts. I’m not real bright some times. But there are several things happening here.

First and most important: I’m dealing with the only being in existence who knows me completely and loves me beyond measure. I can trust Him to take care of all of this. He’s kind and gentle.

If I reject His advice, He won’t smack me. But he’ll leave me to my own devices, until I come to my senses and ask for help again. If I ask, He may help me fix my mess. Or, He may just let me know that it can’t be fixed and I need to delete all or part of it. That’s not the end of the world.

Sometimes, I just go sailing off on my own and I have to trash the whole thing. But, as I have grown closer to Him, that happens less and less. I’m kinda dumb, so it took a while for me to fully accept that my own ideas were rarely any good. I don’t know enough.

The tree of the knowledge of good and evil was a trap brought about by sin. Every idea I have is tainted by it. So, I must bring all thoughts captive and into obedience to the leading of the Lord. I wonder how that will work in heaven when sin is gone. But I can look around and see that I’m not there yet. Those glories are for after He pulls me out of here.

I can tell you a few things for sure. First of all, I am working with the One who wrote the scriptures. He’s no hack author, like me. The Holy Spirit knows how to tell a story. He knows what is important and what can be ignored or eliminated. I can trust Him completely.

Second, if He has called me to write, He has promised to help. He is fully invested in my life. He told me that if I remain in Him, I will bear much fruit. He promised. I don’t have to recognize the fruit. I’ll be shown all of that at the Bema. My job is to follow Him as closely as I know how, asking for His help continually.

So, the problem is simply learning to hear him clearly. That takes practice. I’ve written about that quite a bit. You need to learn the difference between you, the enemy, and the Lord. Your thoughts will come from one of those three sources. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you. Writing anointed fiction is possible.