How does holiness apply to me as an author? It’s the normal state of a born-again believer. At least, it is supposed to be that. But don’t be confused by the normal definition you hear: set apart. Set apart is normally only a religious thing applied to non-living objects.

Holiness (in Strong’s Concordance): hagioasmos; means 1. consecration, purification

Or it could be hagiosyne; about God means majesty; about us means moral purity

So you can see where the set apart teaching comes from religiously. Its meaning doesn’t really become clear until we look in Strong’s Concordance at the Greek for holy (hagios):

Sacred (physically pure, morally blameless, ceremonially consecrated) meaning who we are to be: in a moral sense, pure, sinless, upright, holy:

How does holiness apply to me—physically pure, and morally blameless

If Jesus expects us to be holy, it is possible to be holy. He’s not a mean Lord demanding things which are impossible.

Jesus is the core of it all. As we are obedient to Him, we learn holiness. As Peter quoted, “You shall be holy, for I am Holy.” He was quoting something the Lord said through Moses centuries earlier. What Moses had not foreseen was the mystery of the Church.

We are holy because the Holy One lives in us. Especially the part where we are made holy by His Holiness residing within us, in our spirits. He works His way out through our soul as we allow it and shows us how to purify our flesh. But we need to cooperate.

It doesn’t just happen

It is the result of each one of us individually pursuing and grasping onto the very character of God. It results in a consecrated focus, which is morally blameless, and we become physically pure.

For us as authors, it means that we must maintain a pure, laser-like focus on the Truth—so we can share that with our readers.

You may say, “That’s not my call.”

I say, It’s the call of all believers—of which you are one if you claim to be a Christian author. That’s why Paul and Peter call us saints. This is the same word, hagios, and means the holy ones. That’s you and me.

Your calling as an author may be a subset of your broader calling. But, the call is always to holiness & purity.We walk the strait and narrow path which leads from the narrow gate. You will not be fulfilled as a Christian author until you answer this call to holiness.

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