The Revised Ferellonian King Series begins in chaos. The only prosperous nation on the island, Ferrelâr, is ruled by Lemèr Fendrale, 43rd King of Ferrelâr. King Lemèr is a sad excuse for a king. Witty, charming, distinguished in appearance—tall, with wavy white hair, and rich brown eyes with crinkles of laughter at the corners—his ability to govern is sharply compromised by his desire to please everyone. As a result, he listens to anyone and gives all of his counselors equal weight. Since most of his counsel is self-seeking, at best, Lemèr is perpetually confused. But he’s convinced that things are going well. As a result, all effective power has gone elsewhere.

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The Revised Ferellonian King Series begins in a completely untenable situation

This is epic high fantasy dealing with the war between good and evil in a coming of age tale. It’s all depicted honestly and truthfully—which leads to a bit of edginess. The first major problem is that the leadership vacuum, provided by the King, has been filled by a church primate with a voracious greed for power. That’s a real problem, because he has no spiritual power, at all. He doesn’t even believe in God. The enemies of the people are making plans to change things. But they are warlocks—or worse.

In our society, spiritual reality has become a fantasy to most under sixty. The culture of Ferellon has much to show us. Though things are different—with unique systems of measurement, weight, money, and time—you will find that this other-worldly culture is uniquely real. Magic seems available. But, as in reality, these magical tools and powers come from spiritual sources. The spiritually ignorant are powerless—though they seem to be in power. Ferrelâr’s prosperity has allowed the people to live under the illusion that they are in control of their lives. So, spiritual reality has no part in their pampered lives.

A Ferellon map: works best on a 27″ monitor, the map is seventeen inches square.