The Spirit of Fire SagaThe 15-book Spirit of Fire Saga is a Christian Contemporary speculative fiction effort. My focus is on realistic living in fictionalized settings. These are feel-good, edifying, tales of worship to a Lord who is absolutely amazing. They are basically how I live my life—or would if the Lord gave me an opportunity like this.

I had no idea it was the raw material for the Meeting Jesus Saga which has replaced all of this.

Jesus has some things to do as the Age of the Gentiles draws to its conclusion. I am sharing how to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit in normal daily living. The Lord has taken me on a wonderful ride for fifty years as of January 15, 2024. Sad to say, even most Christians do not have any idea how far the Lord will go to bless you or how to access that blessing.

Yeshua Messiah is loving, funny, kind, generous, always trustworthy, and I could go on for paragraphs. It’s a wonderful life, walking with the Lord by His Spirit within us. Paul called it the great mystery, that which was barely hinted in the Old Testament, The Messiah in us, the hope of glory.

I’m grateful that the former Spirit of Fire now Meeting Jesus Saga enabled me to work out the whole tale

I spent 9-14 hours a day, nearly six days a week, through the pandemic, and out into the midst of the Time of the Signs. The Lord was so good to be to give me something to chew on as I recovered from my wonderful marriage to Patricia Ann. He drew very close to me and I turned to Him. It’s been one of the best times of my life. We serve a marvelous Lord and King who earned his place, even though He created it all. What a marvelous plan!

The Meeting Jesus Saga: 15 novels: A 10 year tale of the near future The new edited tale.