An early harbinger of the delusionOur final task is developing personal holiness so we are ready for the upward call as His Bride. The vision of discerning the spiritual levels of Christian fiction was an important starting point. But it was just the beginning.

I was reminded again, today, of the purpose of the Great Delusion. God is putting the delusion out there to clearly identify those who love Truth, and those who don’t. He is making it all black and white. There will be no more sitting on the fence. You are either for God or you are for the Devil—the illusion of a middle ground will be removed.

Now, the important task is developing personal holiness and encouraging our fellow authors to include it in their books

Remember, holiness as a character trait is single-mindedness—a call to purity with a sharp focus on Jesus. Discovering what He wants us to do in these final hours before the upward call. That will be different for each of us.

As always, it’s all about Jesus our Messiah. This calls for personal communication. If you are not talking with Jesus yet, ask Him why not—ask Him what you need to do so you can hear Him clearly.

These times require communication—not understanding doctrine.

Jesus told us that the call is to—come to me, and learn of me. It always has been. Those voices telling you that it doesn’t work that way are from the pit of Hell. You need to reject those lies, and get serious about clear communication with Jesus.

You are a unique individual with special talents, gifts, interests, and relationships. Only you can touch the people the Lord is calling you to serve. Time is running out. Rephrased, it’s time to get serious. You do not want to be one of the Deluded.

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