The Meeting Jesus Saga: 15 novels: A 10 year tale of the near futureThe Meeting Jesus Saga is Low Fantasy told as an epic tale of right and wrong in twenty-first century living within the Kingdom of God. There is an on-going witness to rebirth, marriage, walking in the spirit, and generally, living and working under the anointing of the Holy Spirit—normal spirit-filled living. Marriage is explored as a foundation stone, part of the core of the Kingdom—a three-way covenant of power, love, and joy.

These tales are an edifying and joyful look at the practicalities of working under the anointing in your daily life. They are shared by an author who has been walking with our Messiah (Who has drawn him closer and closer) for over fifty years. These stories are meant to lift you up and fill you with joy. The walk with Jesus is under an easy, light yoke of love and satisfaction. It’s sad to see how many people (and I was certainly one of them) allow circumstances to drive them away from the freedom and power of the walk in the Holy Spirit.

For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them. Ephesians 2: 10 RSV

The entire saga is about a series of Jesus’ amazing works, that the Lord has asked His people to walk in

But, for the people He calls to do these things, they are some of the deepest desires of their heart. They are works which the church doesn’t  even consider, because they were too extravagant. Jesus constantly leads them further, with great joy, fervent worship, and a lot of humor.

It takes a few years before they realize that Jesus’ work is focused on delivering severely damaged creative people into a radical rebirth. Then they discover that they were a delightful side benefit of the work the Lord has planned to save those lost in the nominal mainline churches. It’s a joyful tale.

The Meeting Jesus Saga brings life

In the beginning…

Book one starts when the Lord speaks to a non-believing college freshman graphic designer having trouble staying awake in his parent’s church. Shocked the Hell out of him—literally. The Lord’s plans are amazing—starting in Albuquerque. The first lesson is learning to see beyond Tarskyne, the demon-driven group from Scotland carrying on the work of Aleister Crowley. They were promoting doing whatever you want to do, with chaos and terror. But in the scheme of things, they were a small problem. The Lord uses our spiritual enemy for training. He laughs at their schemes.

#1 Albuquerque, #2 Navajo Nation, #3 & 4 SantaFe, New Mexico

Meeting Jesus, Book 1 Meeting Navajo, action moves to the Navajo Nation Meeting Reality, Book 3, Santa Fe Meeting Evil, Book 4, Santa Fe

The Truth & Beauty Gallery, a spiritual stronghold

They don’t have any idea their work is to provide a financial foundation for the work in Minnesota.

#5–7, Taos, New Mexico

Book 5, Meeting Truth, Taos, New Mexico Book 6, Meeting Beauty, Taos, New Mexico Book 7, Anointed Living, Taos, New Mexico

Touching the mainline nominal believers in Stillwater

The Lord begins to show them how to plant believers within the churches. Of course, the churches flail about a bit.

#8 & #9, Stillwater, Minnesota, #9.5 Albuquerque, #10 Redwing, Minnesota

Book 8, Meeting Hope, Stillwater, Minnesota Book 9, Meeting Warfare, Stillwater, Minnesota Book 9.5, Touches of Beauty, Albuquerque, New Mexico Book 10, Meeting Fire, Red Wing, Minnesota

This is the original goal of the Meeting Jesus Saga—Northfield, Minnesota

But no one had a clue that was true until about book 13. Our Messiah, Yeshua, is rectifying a wrong by giving the culprits a second chance at salvation.

#11-14, Northfield, Minnesota

Book 11, Meeting Culture, Northfield, Minnesota Book 12, Meeting Mentors, Northfield, Minnesota Book 13, Meeting Religion, Northfield, Minnesota Book 14, Meeting & Beyond, Northfield, Minnesota