A spiritual system for rating books by their contentChristian Fiction Achievement Recognition has become a major part of this site. My friends and I read a lot, and the Lord has led us write unique reviews which focus on the spiritual content. Our call is to discern the spiritual level of books we read to help our readers know what to expect. This is meant to help Christian leadership, parents who need to keep track of what is being feed into their children’s minds, and Christian authors—by encouraging them to write powerfully edifying Christian fiction.

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The link is to a Gumroad archive with a PDF and an ePUB version of the book. It is copyrighted material, but you are encouraged to distribute it far and wide, with no changes, and giving an attribution to Radiqx Press. The Kindle version is $.99 until I can get them to lower the price. The D2D distribution is ongoing.

Our main focus is encouraging Christian authors

It’s very difficult to trust the Lord enough to sell your fiction containing clear, edifying Christian content. Most of that is due to the issues of marketing. But it’s more important than that. In this age of the Great Falling Away, there are many Christians who claim to be a Christian with no evidence of a transformed life in obedience to Jesus. More and more we need to be careful who we recommend, and who we associate with. The day is coming when the many cultural Christians will consider it to be a work of God to turn us in for incarceration or beheading.

Christian Fiction Achievement Recognition

A Christian book has a savior. At this point in speculative fiction, the concepts of a messiah/savior and the Holy Spirit are very rare. But even in the more normal romance, mystery, and suspense genre, Jesus is rarely seen and the Holy Spirit almost never. As I say in the blurb to Writing In Holiness:

“In the new millennium, an incredible opportunity has appeared to the Body of Christ: the new self-publishing paradigm. It is my belief that the Lord intends to use this gift as a tool to disciple the church and to plant seeds for the final harvest. Only time will tell about this.
Regardless, the role of Christian author in the midst of all that is going on in the world needs careful examination. If the Lord has called you to write, what does that mean? You have been called by the Lord of Lords to do this work He has given you to do. That’s real serious. This is God talking to you.

You may say, that’s not my call

I say, “It’s the call of all believers—of which you are one if you claim to be a Christian author.”  From Writing In Holiness

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