This has become the first four books of the Meeting Jesus Saga.

Rewritten, edited, and renamed—with new covers, of course.  >chuckle<

The Ascended Light Series contemporary Christian fiction
The Ascended Light Christian spiritual warfare series brings serious battles with evil to the final harvest. It’s a very simple premise. Write fiction which shows how serious believers actually live. Not what the haters and bad press want you to believe they are like, but how they really are day to day. Miraculous events are not uncommon in my life. How about yours? In the lives of the characters of these books, they might inspire you. It’s actually quite simple to live this way. All you have to do is seriously repent of all your sin, ask Jesus to forgive you, and then ask Him to come live in you—of course there is that little part about doing what he asks you to do.

Believers living in the 21st Century… 

These books might change your life. In terms of genre, this book is a Low Fantasy, Coming of Age, Good versus Evil battle. It’s a bit edgy, speculative, and contains supernatural, paranormal, spiritual warfare involving sold out believers in the late twenties [2020s]. To strange minds, like the one in the author, there’s even a fair amount of humor.

The author is driven to share with his audience what he has learned since he was a drug-crazed hippie in the late sixties and early seventies. That has been mainly influenced by the fact that Jesus, our Messiah, sovereignly called him in 1974. His life radically transformed.

There’s little or no preaching, few bible quotes, The author does not talk like that to his friends. He wrote the book as a conversation with his friends. The heroes of the book are five men and women called by the Lord when He sovereignly begins speaking to them while they are in a crisis. It’s like Jesus has been doing with Jews and Muslims, all over the world, for the past few decades. In this book, after convincing them that He is Jesus, He eventually asks the character something like, “What do you want?”

Their responses, male or female, are remarkably the same. A variant of, “I want a life that matters. I want to help others come to know that type of life. I want to be involved with people I care for, who love me, who care about this. I want to be what I was designed to be.”