This has become the first four books of the Meeting Jesus Saga.

Rewritten, edited, and renamed—with new covers, of course.  >chuckle<

The Ascended Light Series contemporary Christian fiction
The Ascended Light Christian spiritual warfare series brings serious battles with evil to the final harvest. It’s a very simple premise. Write fiction which shows how serious believers actually live. Not what the haters and bad press want you to believe they are like, but how they really are day to day. Miraculous events are not uncommon in my life. How about yours? In the lives of the characters of these books, they might inspire you. It’s actually quite simple to live this way. All you have to do is seriously repent of all your sin, ask Jesus to forgive you, and then ask Him to come live in you—of course there is that little part about doing what he asks you to do.

Believers living in the 21st Century… 

These books might change your life. In terms of genre, this book gives you portions which are contemporary, action/adventure, thriller, with a little touch of science fiction and romance in the midst of a fantastic life. It’s a bit edgy, speculative, and contains supernatural, paranormal, spiritual warfare involving sold out believers in the late twenties [2020s]. To strange minds, like the one in the author, there’s even a fair amount of humor.

The author is driven to share with his audience what he has learned since he was a drug-crazed hippie in the late sixties and early seventies. That has been mainly influenced by the fact that Jesus, our Messiah, sovereignly called him in 1974. His life radically transformed.

There’s little or no preaching, few bible quotes, The author does not talk like that to his friends. He wrote the book as a conversation with his friends. The heroes of the book are five men and women called by the Lord when He sovereignly begins speaking to them while they are in a crisis. It’s like Jesus has been doing with Jews and Muslims, all over the world, for the past few decades. In this book, after convincing them that He is Jesus, He eventually asks the character something like, “What do you want?”

Their responses, male or female, are remarkably the same. A variant of, “I want a life that matters. I want to help others come to know that type of life. I want to be involved with people I care for, who love me, who care about this. I want to be what I was designed to be.” This omnibus version is about how the Lord does that for these five people, and the many people He sends to help.

The Ascended Light Christian spiritual warfare series brings serious battles with evil

It started with research into the background of the groups involved with the riots and violence during the summer of 2020. I was amazed at how strong the occult tie-ins were. Then I started adding in the likelihood of satanic efforts which are in process to bring the Antichrist to power. A story emerged.  What resulted was the Ascended Light Series.

Universal links for all four books in the series
Peace in Chaos — the Messiah’s new work begins with a graphic design freshman in college
Peace on the Res — The evil has spread to the Navajo Nation. The Messiah calls young Diné warrior
Peace in Santa Fe — Here the Messiah calls a young pansexual artist to thwart the evil
War on Canyon Road — The enemy fights back in rage >chortle<


Peace in Chaos with satanists using violent protests to move their agendaPeace in Chaos

Book One in the Ascended Light Christian spiritual warfare series

Christian spiritual warfare
What do you do when the hero and heroine’s lives are real, yet so fantastic? Truth in heroic urban fantasy—nope, just contemporary living. We start with Denzell Trujillo, a new college freshman art student in Albuquerque, falling asleep in church when the Lord talks to him—so clear he was sure it was out loud. Within three days, he’s a new creation powerfully reborn into a life of wonder. Even more startling, the people he respects think he has powerful things to do—soon!

Then there’s Raquel Henstrum, a young female computer genius tied up in the evil he’s learning to battle. She becomes a real trial: a strong temptation and a target of intercession. But the intercession won’t work unless he remains pure.

Raquel is hooked deep into the evil world of her boss, a black magician, and terrified by the demon who controls her. But she finds unexpected times of clarity and freedom. What is going on?

More than that, the evil coming upon Albuquerque is nearly beyond the people’s comprehension. Where’s it coming from? Who can stop it? Only the anointing of the Lord…

Peace on the Res Book Two in the Ascended Light SeriesPeace on the Res

Book Two in the Ascended Light Christian spiritual warfare series

Christian spiritual warfare
The company birthed in Peace in Chaos discovers that the evil behind the violence is working globally. They are deeply tied into the Swamp, but what is this mayor of a small city in southwestern Utah? He’s clearly deep into this work of subverting political power. But he’s a nobody.

Tue and Freau Trujillo become deeply concerned by the young women disappearing off the Res —the Navajo Nation. No one seems to care. As usual, they turn to the only One with real power and ask for help. Notah Begay is simply depressed, and that’s not like him. Like his father, Bebe, he’s a loose and free, old-school Navajo warrior—an increasingly irrelevant type of human in the modern American world. He and all the young people his age are consumed with getting high, getting laid, and avoiding reality. The girls will do anything to find someone to take care of them. It’s simply too painful. But the Lord has other ideas. Notah is hired by Ascended Light to get to the bottom of things and immersed into spiritual warfare.

Haloke, a young Navajo orphan abused by two of her many foster fathers, in desperation escaped from her painful life determined to make a way for herself. But she was completely unequipped to resist the charms of Ahiga Tl’izilani. She discovers that she’s an excellent recruiter for the young women desperate enough to do anything to bring themselves support and security. But, Ahiga has a horrible reputation for good reasons. She discovers she’s trapped in snare for which she volunteered. Her demonic minder makes increasingly terrifying demands for control.

Clearly the Lord is not without a plan. But where it ends up is a true surprise for everyone. The blessings are without precedent in a nation struggling to simply survive. Only the anointing of the Lord…

Peace in Santa Fe Book Three in the Ascended Light SeriesPeace in Santa Fe

Book Three in the Ascended Light Christian spiritual warfare series

The beauty of anointed art

This was a fun one for me. It starts with a pansexual artist on Canyon Road in Santa Fe. This is one of the top 3 (according to some) fine art centers in the world. Paintings are commonly $30,000 to $50,000 or more. Most of them aren’t too good, they have too much ego involved. But anyway, Eloy, the artist, answers the Lord’s call.

He finds himself interceding for an amazingly beautiful demon-possessed trophy wife. Haseya was purchased [for $600,000+] by a political power monger to use for sexual favors to manipulate the political powers in New Mexico.

Then he discovers the power and joy in artwork infused by the Holy Spirit.

It’s a really fun book—uplifting, edifying, and joyful. You’ll find it hard to avoid the worship, as the Lord works in His wonderful ways.

War on Canyon Road — Book Three in the Ascended Light SeriesWar on Canyon Road

Book Four in the Ascended Light Christian spiritual warfare series

The enemy attacks Nizhóní Artwork

This new tale starts with Jasmin Wildhorse, the widow of a maniacal Comanche prophet. She is living in a demon-infested mansion with people involved with an occultic variation of the Native America Church, called Half Moon+. They use a magic mushroom liqueur instead of peyote to access demonic power. The Lord sovereignly speaks to Jasmin, while she’s under severe demonic attack, showing her the way out. He sends her to a meeting in Eloy and Haseya’s home. There she meets Jesus and ends up a new creation working at the gallery.

She finds herself becoming a close friend of William, the anointed artist-in-residence. Surprised by the Lord, she ends up working in the marketing office, in charge of the Website and online marketing. At her wedding with William, two of the people from Half Moon+ show up to cause chaos. One of them is Bimisi, the Jicarilla Apache medicine man who sicced the demon on her. 

The other, Maria Aragón, sees her way out of that mess, and turns to the Lord. That tips Half Moon+ into attempting to destroy the gallery. One thing about spiritual warfare that’s not understood is that the world doesn’t even notice it happening right in front of their eyes. But nasty as it gets, the demons don’t stand a chance with believers walking in faith, following Jesus. It’s a fun ride.