Northfield Development Series brings a new family into existence to develop a new work in Northfield. It’s built with power-filled contemporary Biblical living. The growth into Northfield, Minnesota comes with major surprises.  Its work is to bring the life of Jesus to this small Midwestern college town. The true believers have been driven into hiding. The Lord is tired of it, no one has realized how far He’ll go to right a wrong. Shaking does begin in the church. I’m glad vengeance is His…

These books have been edited and renamed, with new covers in the Meeting Jesus Saga 11-14

As usual, these books are about family. Especially the family whose blood relations are only tied with the blood of Jesus. That’s where it’s been in my life for nearly fifty years. The family members are almost entirely married couples—for marriage is indeed the core of the way Yeshua designed society in the Kingdom.

The Church mostly has no idea how powerful marriages are. In this time of the Laodicean church, worldly ideas now rule most of the visible church. They teach that the church has the same divorce problem as the world. We’re just like them. But that’s not even close to reality, except among the nominal, maybe believers. Divorces among power-filled, reborn believers are rare.

But the key to that is the decision to not get married until the Lord shows you whom He has chosen for you. If the Lord truly picked out the man and woman He wants to see married, your marriage will last. Unless, you have such a shallow faith that unrepentant sin is constantly dragging you down.

For the true believer, the expectation is that the Lord will show you all your sin—so you can rid of it. As John told us in chapter three, verse nine, of First John, “No one who abides in him sins; no one who sins has either seen him or known him.” Under these conditions, it is expected to get amazing in Northfield, Minnesota pretty quick. That’s the way it works.

Northfield Development Books bring together a new family

Yes, you can experience this level of living. Just ask Jesus to speak to you. Prepare to be surprised, with joy.

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