Northfield Development Series brings a new family into existence to develop a new work in Northfield. It’s built with power-filled contemporary Biblical living. The growth into Northfield, Minnesota comes with major surprises.  Its work is to bring the life of Jesus to this small Midwestern college town. The true believers have been driven into hiding. The Lord is tired of it, no one has realized how far He’ll go to right a wrong. Shaking does begin in the church. I’m glad vengeance is His…

These books have been edited and renamed, with new covers at the Meeting Jesus Saga 11-14

As usual, these books are about family. Especially the family whose blood relations are only tied with the blood of Jesus. That’s where it’s been in my life for nearly fifty years. The family members are almost entirely married couples—for marriage is indeed the core of the way Yeshua designed society in the Kingdom.

The Church mostly has no idea how powerful marriages are. In this time of the Laodicean church, worldly ideas now rule most of the visible church. They teach that the church has the same divorce problem as the world. We’re just like them. But that’s not even close to reality, except among the nominal, maybe believers. Divorces among power-filled, reborn believers are rare.

But the key to that is the decision to not get married until the Lord shows you whom He has chosen for you. If the Lord truly picked out the man and woman He wants to see married, your marriage will last. Unless, you have such a shallow faith that unrepentant sin is constantly dragging you down.

For the true believer, the expectation is that the Lord will show you all your sin—so you can rid of it. As John told us in chapter three, verse nine, of First John, “No one who abides in him sins; no one who sins has either seen him or known him.” Under these conditions, it is expected to get amazing in Northfield, Minnesota pretty quick. That’s the way it works.

Northfield Development Series brings a new family

A new family is assembled in Northfield, MinnesotaThe Fiery Spirit

Book 1: Northfield Development series

Originally, Edvard Odegaard merely thought that he was supposed to do a gallery like his brother, Nils, had with Spirit of Fire Gallery in Red Wing, Minnesota. But then the Lord disciplined him a bit, which resulted in him meeting the Lord Jesus for real, this time.

Shortly after that, the Lord sends him a wonderful wife. You know how that works. The Lord normally works through strong marriages. He is doing it again. He works a miracle, getting him the property he needed. But in the process of that, the Lord gives him a property in which to build a school for artists.

Northfield has two wonderful world-class colleges: St. Olaf and Carleton. The creative focus of these schools is mainly on performance art. St. Olaf has the St. Olaf Choir—which may be the best college choir in the world. They’re better than most professional choirs. Carleton has the Weitz Center for Creativity with a strong focus on performance art like dance, theater, and so on.

Both schools offer coursework for artists—you know, painters, sculptors, and the rest of the fine arts. But there is nothing practical to show students how to support themselves as artists. The Haugean School of the Arts is a profit-making school specifically designed to give their trainee/apprentices practical help toward living a live of creativity supporting themselves by their skills. Many of the ideas and concepts result from Hans Hauge, who lived in Norway at the end of the eighteenth century.

The people the Lord pulls together to do this for Him are a delight. The changes to the entire city are immense. As I said, the Northfield Development Series targets religiosity. What fun!

Let's just redevelop the whole placeRedwing Re•Creation

Book 2: the Northfield Development series

They are actually redeveloping the ugly side of the Downtown District—bringing life, love, and peace—along with life-changing power. The Lord’s plans quickly blow right past Edvard and Astrid’s preconceptions. They had tried to be as open to what the Lord wanted as possible. But the Lord keeps expanding the boundaries. At this point there don’t seem to be any, except of course, if they doubt. It’s just another walk of faith. But this one’s really fun.

All they’re doing is making room for the school, right? But, a hundred thousand square foot living quarters? Then the school building itself doubles or triples in size. The artists the Lord brings in are the normal motley crew of damaged individuals who are transformed by their rebirth into the Kingdom.

What’s the Lord’s agenda? It certainly goes far beyond the school. But all they have are hints and sometimes obscure clues. Like this time, He starts rescuing cooks and bakers. But these are highly skilled chefs and pastry chefs. The food is spectacular, but that’s not Jesus’s focus.

These creative people are part of the harvest of individuals that the Lord has been working on throughout all of the Ascended Light works in the Spirit of Fire saga. But they are beginning to see that the Lord has a larger target this time. We know that vengeance is the Lord’s. As His people, we are told to forgive and love the enemy. However, the Lord has some real problems with what the traditional church has done to some of his favorite people.

The Haugean InsurgenceHaugean Insurgence

Book 3: the Northfield Development Series

Now it starts to get really exciting. The Lord’s plans are much bigger than they thought. But it’s His plan, and His power—as always. He sets the agenda, IF you are listening.

Jesus makes a major move up on the campus of St. Olaf College. It’s a residential college so it takes a while for word to get out. He had told Fiery Spirit that His plan was to bring back the personal relationships with Him, discovered by Hans Hauge at the end of the eighteenth century. He was not pleased with the political moves by the Norwegian Lutheran movers and shakers in nineteenth century America. They had bureaucratically pushed the Hauge Synod into absorbed non-existance in the early twentieth century.

A student, Harld Fenberg was touched first, meeting Jesus at the Meeting with Jesus weekly Bible study. Technically, he was second. But, Naomi was too shy to have been noticed. The Lord anoints Harld to lead a lot of students to the Lord. The students have trouble because there’s no one at St. Olaf who has any idea what they are going through. But then Harld and Naomi bring them to the love, freedom, and power of the Meeting with Jesus. That gives them answers, help, and a safe place to communicate.

When the Lord begins bringing professors in through rebirth, he sends them to the leadership of the Haugean School of the Arts. The Lord helps the reborn faculty with wonderful wives, and delightful marriages. That’s always His plan in the Kingdom of God. The strength of a Godly marriage of the reborn is amazing for both parties—all three parties, actually. But it is wonderful.

There have been hints that more is coming. The King keeps it interesting for His people.

The Reality of Truth transforms livesThe Reality of Truth

Book 4 of Northfield Development

The Reality of Truth brings transformation!

Now we get to the Lord’s real agenda: rescuing His Bride held in bondage

As we finished Haugean Resurgence, we got a hint that the growth of the Haugean School of the Arts was not over. But it was only part of the major move made by the Messiah on the St. Olaf College campus. He had sovereignly moved to touch over a hundred fifty students and nearly a dozen professors who met Him personally, and were radically reborn.

Now, everyone is forced to deal with the fact that Jesus has just started his work in Northfield and St. Olaf. It goes far beyond what anyone had expected. It gradually becomes clear that His plan is to make radical changes within mainline corporate churches. He is especially concerned with how the institutional church had virtually eliminated true faith and the transformations we see in the Bible—beginning with the indwelling Holy Spirit at Pentecost.

No one had expected that the Messiah would actually begin touching the seminaries. In fact, he is building strong access into woke denominations—by touching the men and women called to lead them. He is producing a level of radical foundational change that has not been seen since Luther, Wesley, Calvin, and the rest started what we now call the Reformation.

Using rigid doctrinal positions, the enemy of Mankind has eliminated life from the mainline denominations—actually made it heretical. I know it’s hard to wrap your mind around that bit of foolishness. But, it happened in every denomination—including evangelical and pentecostal corporate institutions.

Have you noticed that CEO and manager are not listed in Ephesians four with the leadership gifts from the Lord? Or that Jesus expects church leaders who are radically reborn believers, not highly trained employees?

Yes, you can experience this level of living. Just ask Jesus to speak to you. Prepare to be surprised, with joy.