My new novel ebooks can be owned seems like such a weird statement. When you buy an ebook, you do not really own it. If the distributors cancel the book, you no longer have access. You are leasing those books.

This has been true since it all began, but people have not cared. However, now that believers’ works are being cancelled for Biblical content you need this option.

My new novel ebooks can be owned as a service to you

The first books I have done this for are the new Ascended Light Saga of 14 novels. I have made packages on Gumroad that you can order directly. By doing this my costs are lowered so I can sell them at less expense to you. With this option, a novel is always at $3.00 USD, or less. The package for the entire saga sells them for $2.36 each.

These are the same ePUBs I upload to Kindle and D2D. However, Kindle, for example, always strips out the font info. For most people, that may not matter. However, I am also a font designer. so, I am able to use the special characters built into my fonts.

Using custom dingbats requires an embedded font

My dingbats are usually a Christian symbol. Here’s a little example:

For my second book, in the new Northfield Development series, the book title uses one of these dingbats. The name of the book, and throughout book two, the departmental name uses a dingbat as part of their name. However, I am forced to use Redwing Re•Creation with my two distributors. the actual logo looks like this. The red dove with the white cross is just a character in my font.
The Redwing Re•Creation logo requires the dingbat

In the book, I can just type in the name with the dingbat in color, as I write. I also use the descending dove as a bullet for my time and location line under the chapter title. After Kindle strips out the font the logo reads Redwing Re∫Creation. There are many other typographic, typos, and messes.

The links for the saga and the Series are below:

Just click on the link and you’ll see how it works. On my Mac, all I do is click to select the ePUB, and Open it. It automatically opened in Books. I don’t know how it works on Windows, Chrome, Linux, or whatever.