Truth & Beauty contemporary Biblical romancesThe Truth & Beauty series has become books 5-7 in the Meeting Jesus Saga

The Meeting Jesus Saga

Here’s the blurb:

Creatives are healed in powerful marriages in the Kingdom… 

These three books in the Meeting Jesus Saga can change your life. In terms of genre, this complex tale is a Low Fantasy, Coming of Age tale. It’s a bit edgy, speculative, and contains supernatural, paranormal, spiritual warfare involving sold out believers in the late 2020s. To strange minds, like the one in the author, there’s even a fair amount of humor.

The author is driven to share with his audience what he has learned since he ended up as an angry drug-crazed hippie in the late sixties and early seventies. That has been mainly influenced by the fact that Jesus, our Messiah, sovereignly called him in January, 1974. His life radically transformed.

This tale shows real people relating transparently and realistically. There’s little or no preaching, few bible quotes. The author does not talk like that to his friends. He wrote the book as a conversation with his friends. The heroes of this part of the saga are eight creative men and women called by the Lord when He sovereignly begins speaking to them while they are in a crisis. It’s like Jesus has been doing with hurting people, all over the world, for the past few decades. The only explanation the author has for that is: time is short, as we approach the end of the age of the Gentiles.

Once he or she is rescued and reborn, they are introduced to their spouse. This person complements them and brings healing because the Lord sovereignly designed them for that purpose. The strength of power-filled marriage is rarely taught these days, but these people are intensely mentored in how to allow it to happen. The results are uplifting and joyous. The Lord puts together a great work within the Kingdom of God which goes far beyond what you can imagine. Our Messiah is a good and loving King.

Truth & Beauty Gallery is completed during books 5-7

[All three books revised, renamed, with new covers, January 2024] It all seems quite innocuous. After all, they discovered with the gallery on Canyon Road [Books 3 & 4] how to do this. But the Ascended Light organization never counted on Hans and Mildred Gunnarson. This widowed couple was put together by the Lord to bring change to Ascended Light. The widowed woodworker, now radically reborn, is put together with the widowed best friend of his first wife. Hans and his father made a killing in real estate in Taos, in the 1980s and ’90s. He’d promised his wife, on her death bed, that he’d build her that place for Jesus on Taos Plaza. Now he finally knew what to do with his fortune. Will all of Taos be radically changed? They learn it’s all about adding the anointing to daily living. Simple stuff.

The Truth & Beauty series has become books 5-7 in the Meeting Jesus Saga