With only a single book so far in the Reality Calling Bookstore EJ McCay has given us a good one. A YA spiritual warfare book is truly rare and hers is good. Hers is closer to a teen thriller. But, it gives solid spiritual value. Here’s the review:

Reality Calling Bookstore EJ McCay

Her first book: Called Warrior

YA, Spiritual Warfare, Teen Romance

Girly teenybopper emotions and angst? Sure! But, it’s so much more than that. It’s an excellent book touching Truth in a wonderful tale of entertainment.

This is spiritual warfare on a superhero level. This tale has strong spirit-filled believing adults, as is the  heroine–but not Pentecostal. She’s a PK. Her preacher father is badly abusive and becomes horribly oppressed (at least) by nasty demons. Her mother goes back and forth from enabler to subversive supporter–sorta. Oh, teen romance blooms, of course!

Called Warrior has teenage spiritual warfare on a Hollywood level with Truth added
Amazon Link: Called Warrior