Guy Stanton IIIIn the Reality Calling Bookstore Guy Stanton III has a prominent place. He has been writing spectacular spirit-filled fiction for several years now.
All this books have now been professionally edited and rereleased.

I love my family and I love my God.
Without Him and His Son, Yeshua, I would have nothing.
Because of that I continually wish to give Him everything.
He’s blessed me to write some amazing stories, but truly the best thing in life is that a loving experience with one’s Creator doesn’t have to only last for the length of the story within the pages of a book, but that it can exist written across the plains of your heart each and every day of your life. It’s this story I hope you’ll experience fully for yourself, as there is no better story than being in the presence of the Father and seeing what He’ll do next. The best part of this fantastical relationship is that it’s a story that will never end and only grows sweeter as it flows on through eternity.”

Reality Calling Bookstore Guy Stanton III

The Warrior Kind series: Guy Stanton IIIThe Warrior Kind series

Science fiction, action/adventure, fantasy, romance

This was his first series. A review is here. This is epic fantasy on a far planet with more action than you can handle and spectacular romances.
Amazon Links: A Warrior’s Redemption • A Warrior’s Journey • A Warrior’s legacy • A Warrior’s Return • A Warrior’s Revenge

The Wind Drifters seriesThe Wind Drifters series

Western, Science fiction, RomanceAmazon Links: Fire Wind • Ice Wind • Hard Wind • Drift Wind • Rift Wind

The Kingdom

An epic fantasy iin a single novel. Masterfully done. [In Fantasy]

The Way

Much more lyrical and poetic. Book #1 of the Fire Prophets Series [In fantasy]