Reality Calling Bookstore Yvonne AndersonIn one wonderful addition to the Reality Calling Bookstore Yvonne Anderson has put together a truly unique story. The varied races, cultures, and civilizations, coupled with well done space travel, make this a spectacular tale of man’s expansion into the stars. Yet we find faith in a culture that would be unbelievable if it weren’t done so well. To quote from the review:

Here we have direct communication with God through His Holy Spirit. Gannahans display this wonderfully. Yvonne’s meah is a spectacular speculative solution to allow the discussion of a people directly led by the Savior. We’re not talking Pentecostal here. We are discussing a life lead by direct communication with the Lord. That is a reality for many of us, and it’s available to all. It’s very sad that the world has been so successful in blocking believers from this level of spiritual life. This is the true spiritual warfare we all face daily. Here’s spiritual Truth.

Reality Calling Bookstore Yvonne Anderson — Gateway to Gannah series

Reality Calling Bookstore Yvonne Anderson Gateway to Gannah series

Amazon Links: The Story in the Stars • Words in the Wind • Ransom in the Rock • The Last Toqeph

One can only hope that she writes another series.