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  2. From the beginning of the creation god had a Plan. Everything came into existence by the Word of God, not by Christ Jesus who was born much later in history. It was God’s Word given from one generation forming what we do knwo today as the Holy Scriptures or the Bible (Old and New testament). In a certain way it is right to say that the Word of God is not the Bibel, better would it be to say the Word of God you may find in the Bible. But God granted His blessing to the people who wrote down their and His words, so the Bible has His acceptance to be considered as the Word of God and to be recognized as such and therefore nobody is to make alterations to that blessed Word.
    The beginning was in and with the Word, because God His Word was the start of everything. It was the Word and not Jesus nor Jesus his word which was there, though Jesus like any other person may have been in the mind of God, who knows everything from sunrise to sunset, from beginning to end. As Jesus was in Gods mind like you and me have been in God His mind from the early days, but we ourselves were not there, like Christ Jesus was not there in person.

    • Thanks for your comment. I think you are missing a few key verses, however. John 1:14 says: “The Word became flesh and dwelt among us.” That Word is clearly Jesus. Later on Jesus said, “Before Abraham was, I am.”

      Our belief is that Jesus was there in the beginning. That is the uniqueness of Christianity. Jesus was not just a man; He was also God. Genesis 1 says “In the Beginning God…” The word for God is eloim which is plural. So we believe that Father, Son, and Holy Spirit were there together. Man has coined the doctrine of the Trinity to cover our limited understanding of these things. There is only one God. Jesus is that part of God who became flesh to live among us and truly understand our temporary limitations. But He has always been, because He is God. God is far more than what we can think or imagine as Isaiah said.

      The written word did not create anything. It is the limited inspired expression of God, which when empowered by the Holy spirit has the power to bring man and woman into salvation. This is a good example of why I suggest we call the Bible scripture, not the Word.

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