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What’s the deal with short novels? — 1 Comment

  1. So demanding you are of us poor beleaguered authors. :)) I have a project in mind that may well end up to be my longest, but you will have to wait for it whereas you could have read 4 or 5 shorter books in the length of time it takes to accomplish the creation of the project I have in mind. Sa la vie.

    By the way when I get this monster done would you consider writing the Foreword for me? Should Jesus tarry it may be a year or two or more before its completed as I have two other books to release first.

    By the way I feel your pain in having to throw your books away. For me it was movies and TV series, but I have been better off ever since I did. It’s like with the removing of worldly attachments once held dear God has unlocked and blessed me with more inspiration instead of less.

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