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  1. David, I have a question. I’m considering writing a series on the Millennium beginnning with the return of Christ and his thousand year reign on the earth. Of course this will be after the rapture and after the Great Tribulation. I’ll probably start out with Christ coming in the clouds with His saints and angels to save Israel. Then, I go into his assigning his righteous ones to rule the earth. My goal is to show our glorious righteous human/God savior ruling the earth the way God intended from the beginning. This will include His complete restoration of the earth (healing of nature and creation) and the aftermath of the tribulation. Even though Satan will be bound and prevented from deceiving the nations, sin will still exist.The children born during the millennium will need to come to the Lord for salvation and therein will be the conflict.

    My question is this. In light of your recent email on the end of the time of the Gentiles, do you think this is a worthwhile endeavor? Thanks, Dante

    • It goes along with the old Jewish proverb. If you are going to die tomorrow, plant a tree today. Though it seems obvious He’s coming very soon, no one knows when.

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