The Stillwater Mission series brings anointed art to Minnesota.The Stillwater Mission series brings anointed art to Minnesota. The Lord has a new work to be accomplished. He wants a powerful gallery in Stillwater, Minnesota. This first city of Minnesota needs a stronghold of the Kingdom of God.

As usual, the Lord starts with a married couple. But He has to put them together first. They both have ties to Truth & Beauty Gallery in Taos. Things get fun quickly.

The Stillwater Mission series brings a new Kingdom fortress to Minnesota

The first book is Chozen Frozen. This new tale remains joyful, realistic fiction, with a happy ending. It takes place in the same world where Ascended Light and Truth & Beauty reside. But it’s a stand-alone series, in a radically different culture. From individualistic New Mexicans to nice Minnesotans—that is professionally nice, often with no real personal contact.

The Lord is working to save all people possible before the end of the age of the Gentiles, which is rapidly approaching. As usual, the work is based on solid, believing marriages. That’s where the power in believing lives is found. It’s the core of the Lord’s plan. Which is why the world is fighting it so hard. But in this story, you get to see how it works in power.

Many of these marriages are between two badly damaged artists who need the support of a strong marriage to do what they do. So, the Lord introduces them and then very quickly tells each of them that He designed each of them for each other. With their horrendous backgrounds, they get married [with strong intense mentoring in Biblical marriage for a week or two] in a matter of a couple weeks—to avoid falling into sin via the temptations of the flesh.

But it’s all about the work that Jesus wants to be done. After a long wait, this is the first global expansion of Truth & Beauty. To Minnesota? It’s a fun ride.