This site has gone through a radical transformation. It is now a group of trusted reviewers who are focused on redemptive fiction of the speculative ilk. We cover spiritual warfare, fantasy, science fiction, action/adventure, horror, and the rest of the edgy Christian books made possible by the new paradigm: 21st century self-publishing.

This page lists our reviewers and links to their personal page for this blog

David’s reviews have a unique focus on the content & concepts.
He reviews Action/Adventure, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Apocalyptic, and Political/Military Thrillers. His primary focus is encouraging & enabling authors to produce excellent books with anointed content to help bring in the final harvest as we await our soon-coming King. HIs focus is not the writing but the concepts, the story, and the book production.

  • Deborah DunsonDeborah Dunson

Deb’s reviews are excited and intense

She is a woman who knows the Lord well.

She is just getting started with reviewing some of the best of the huge number of books she reads on a regular basis.

Guy’s reviews are rare
But his radical perspective is refreshing

At present, he only reviews books that fit into the following Genres:

Christian Fantasy, Christian Science Fiction, Christian Romance Action Adventure, Speculative Fiction, Young Adult, Dystopian, Apocalyptic, Christian Romance Thriller.


Iola is a Welsh name, meaning “valued by the Lord”, and it’s pronounced more yo-la than eye-ola.

Iola lives in New Zealand, surrounded by trees and chirping cicadas, and with a distant view of the Pacific Ocean. She reads pretty much anything, but her favourite genres are Christian romance and romantic suspense. With an emphasis on the ‘Christian’. If a novel is classified as Christian fiction, she wants to see that come through on the page.

Peter likes the more edgy Christian speculative fiction
He is easily the best reviewer of Christian speculative fiction in the world today. No one else comes close to the depth of analysis and dedication to rooting out the backstory of the books he reviews. He has convinced us to read more excellent books we’ve never heard of than anyone else we know

Click on his name to read his mission.




There will be more as more people commit to sharing their reviews with you.


Our reviewers — 2 Comments

  1. I have a novel coming out in July–An Unpresentable Glory, published by Ambassador Int’l. I would classify it as Christian literary fiction–a love story, though not technically a romance. The target audience is men AND women. I am interested in getting advance reviews. I have a PDF I could send right away, or if a hard copy is preferred, I can contact the publisher. One of the endorsers says this: “From the mystery of the opening pages through a myriad of twists and turns and surprises to the tantalizing questions of the epilogue, an intricate plot draws the reader ever deeper into the lives of Linda, “Jay,” and a sprawling cast of lovingly-drawn supporting characters.” Thanks, and I hope to hear from you soon.

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