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Submitting Christian fiction books for review and contacting us! — 12 Comments

  1. Hello, I am writing what you call a Redemptive Action-Adventure Christian Fiction novel. It looks like you might do the same. Mine will be set in a fictional place and civilizations/nations, otherwise it could be considered more like historical fiction. It is in a period that most closely resembles the Middle Ages in the Swiss Alps. I purposely have not included anything involving magic, monsters or unrealistic events & action. It is meant to allow the reader to vet out difficult questions and get Biblical truth while including intense action, adventure and mystery with a little love story for softies! The reader is also unknowingly exposed to the plan of Salvation and learn Biblical theology at the same time. Some events are real stories as well as Biblical stories told in the context of the plot and storyline. My question would be what do you believe is the market for such a novel?

    • As the world goes apostate, it seems to get more difficult. I gotten so I leave it in the hands of the Lord. But I don’t see many sales so far. The Lord’s told me He’ll bless it. However, I focus on holiness and I’m Charismatic, and they have their own issues. Mine are closer to a personal testimony, but I never say that. But other than that we do seem to be doing the same things. Though I’m doing near-future. I’ll pray that the Holy Spirit leads your readers to your books.

      I believe books like this are very important as we run up to the rapture. Fairly soon, everyone will have made up their mind—and many will choose Hell.

      • I appreciate the response. I believe that I was given this story for a reason, as one day the entire plot, storyline, backstory, and every aspect of the story was downloaded into my brain while listening to a Christian song on the radio. I’ve never had an entire story come to me in such dramatic detail. It was like I had just left a theater after watching the story as a movie and was trying to describe the movie that I just saw to someone who knew nothing of the movie. It was so vivid and different parts of the story played like clips from a real life movie in my head. So I’ve been trying to write this book like I’m trying to describe what I saw on the big screen. It feels so strange. I already have an unreal imagination, but even for me, this is like nothing I’ve ever tried to do. Thanks again for the encouragement. It is greatly appreciated. Don

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