Reality Calling Bookstore Celesta ThiessenIn the Reality Calling Bookstore Celesta Thiessen has earned a solid place. Her books are great fun, well-written, and show realistic spiritual truth.

About her:

I enjoy writing. When I was twelve years old, I had in my mind that I was going to be a writer when I grew up…and now I am. When I first started writing, I could hardly bring myself to say, “I’m a writer”, because I felt like a fraud, like I was just pretending to be a writer. But now I do call my self a writer and I even call myself an author. With over 20 books published I finally feel comfortable with the title! I primarily write three types of things: educational non-fiction, fiction and Learn To Read Books.

Reality Calling Bookstore Celesta Thiessen

The Coder & The Fixer

Science fiction The review

The Coder & The Fixer by Celesta Thiessen
Amazon Link: The Coder & The Fixer

The Super Seven series

YA, Mid-school, Science Fiction, Action/Adventure, Superhero

Reality Calling Bookstore Celesta Thiessen -- The Super Seven series
Amazon Links: Gifted • Two of a Kind • Invisible • Fire • Strong • Listening • Made Right