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Christian Book Review: Storm Chase by K. M. Carroll Three Stars — 10 Comments

  1. This seems to me to be a bit of an emotional review. What are your qualifications for Christianity in books? Do you assess morals, subtlety, or godly character? Or does it have to be clear that someone is actually calling on God?
    It could be a Christian writing a moral book for a secular audience. Do you think that Christians cannot write moral, secular books that don’t actually call on God? That’s kind of the point of Esther. Showing God’s hand in a mysterious, behind the scenes way without actually mentioning Him.
    Is the superhero godly in character? When he sins, are there consequences? Is he a good role model? Is there gratuitous sex, violence, or language? Those are the questions I ask when something is actually not marketed as a Christian book.

    • I’ve been teaching Scripture, a lot, since 1974. I was a teaching pastor for 13 years. I’ve been an Episcopalian, met the Lord in a Roman Catholic prayer meeting, Episcopalian again, Lutheran, Foursquare [where I was assistant pastor], Assembly of God, non-denominational [where I was teaching pastor], Lutheran again, and more. As far as I can tell my calling is to identify the level of Christianity in novels written by Christians—whether or not they are sold as Christian fiction.

      I have trouble seeing why a Christian would bother writing a clean, non-believing book. I can’t imagine writing a book where my faith wasn’t part of it. As for this book, it was clean, pretty much. Non-spiritual entirely.

      • That’s quite a variety of denominations! I’m curious why that’s the case. Are you firm on a set of doctrines now?

        • It’s been 40 years and a lot has changed. When we came to the Lord the forefront of the church was the Charismatic Movement of which we were a part. We’ve always been church planters, among other things. Our doctrines have not changed, but the denominations we served definitely did. We fellowshipped with many others also. The Lord has always kept us on the strait and narrow.

  2. David, I reckon you had better start writing fantasy to fill in the gaps and deficiencies you have identified in these books!! I say this half in jest half in serious encouragement! I would love to see you create a universe very much God filled and very much God honouring and a great encouragement to Christian readers and to draw non-believers to Him. Hey, co-author with Guy Stanton III! With just you or with both of you together, I would know I was reading a great novel and have the best fun writing the review!

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