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Living within spiritual warfare — 5 Comments

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  2. David, this is an excellent piece. As an author of a book on spiritual warfare, one who has studied this topic from many angles, I appreciate your perspective. I’ve read the material by a number of other authors that are also part of the Full Gospel movement, and I think yours has the best perspective. I call it life-style and I think you would agree. “For the Word of God lives within” those who are victorious over the Evil One. When Israel invaded the promised land, Joshua was victorious because he lived and he modeled the life-style of one who overcame.

    I encourage you to write more on this topic. I am teaching this same thing in a Sunday morning Bible Study at our home church.

    • Thanks, Tom,

      It seems as if the Lord wants me to focus in this area of Christian living. My father, an Episcopal deacon spirit-filled in the late 1950s, had a major ministry in deliverance, exorcism, and beating up on the devil in general. I was thoroughly trained from the time I met the Lord in 1974. I thin k people make it too special. This is just an everyday part of walking in the Spirt. No angst, no fear, no drama. I have a lot to share in this area. Thank you for the encouragement.

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