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Darkwater Saga 3 Patrick W Carr The Wounded Shadow — 3 Comments

    • True, but no savior, no Holy Spirit, no rebirth, and much more. It wasn’t even religiously Christian, certainly not evangelical or Spirit-filled.

      • I thought the books were all about Christian life and divisions and differences in emphases among us. I suppose you could say that making one of the major themes being about how resentment can drive you into a dark place is not necessarily Christian, for anyone could make that observation, but I do think it’s pertinent to Christian life. God (or Aer) grants gifts as He will among the members of the body.There’s the Holy Trinity. There’s confession of sins. There’s discernment. The books are not allegories and there are few one to one correspondences between this literary motif and that particular Christian doctrine, but, repeating myself, I was delighted by the Christian flavor of the books.
        I’m trying to remember the names of the Trinity Carr used in the books. If they weren’t Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, I don’t know what they were.
        Ah well, as always, your perspective is interesting.

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