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Yes, powerful Christian writing requires anointing — really — 4 Comments

  1. Hi David, I’ve read this word of encouragement from you before and am believing it more and more. Some of my forthcoming work on Proverbs has been exceptionally tedious, finding how many different themes have been organized in that book. I cannot guess how many thousands of hours have been that way. It was like a huge homework assignment.

    With that assignment behind me, I’m now writing and revising. Continually I am being nudged to include additional thoughts, move paragraphs to another location, change the flow, add new scripture verses, and so on. With each nudging, I am more and more convinced that Proverbs is a record of Solomon’s repentance. Even the way I was initially led me to that conclusion was from the Holy Spirit.

    So I am convinced your words about the anointing apply to non-fiction Christian writers just as the do to the fiction writers. We are the teachers, not just the writers, who have a special purpose to make a difference in people’s lives. As teachers, we are also held to a higher level of accountability. That is a very serious statement from James 3:1. So if we are truly called to be writers for the sake of Jesus Christ, we best not ignore your words about an anointing.
    In Christ, Tom

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