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We’re entering a new possibly final decade — 2 Comments

  1. David, I’m wondering if you ever got a copy of my little book with Patricia’s beautiful painting on the cover. If not, I want you to have one and will send it to you. I’m surprised at how much I miss our interaction and the brief friendship we 3 had. Our book is selling, God is putting it into the right hands, and I’m so grateful to you and your amazing wife. I love thinking of her in Heaven with Jesus with our girls – happy, healthy and grateful – as we will all be soon!

    • Yes, I have the copy you sent Pat. I treasure it because Pat was so pleased to see her art in print. I also enjoyed our brief interaction and consider you a friend. Ready for your next book.

      I am very pleased your book is selling.
      I’m working on the second book in my spirit-filled fantasy series. My prayer is that the Lord will anoint it, and it will be fruitful.

      See you when we get there. Maranatha!