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Dealing with death creatively is good — 4 Comments

  1. David, Thank you for sharing this.
    You are the only blogger in the last couple of years whose writing has echoed deep within my soul. I say that because I had/have almost given up on writing. That is until recently. You mentioned that your wife passed on Dec 20. My Father-in-law (my children’s last surviving Grandparent) died on December 18th, 2019 -but we buried him on Dec 23, I know I have yet to lay those events to rest but that is because there is so much more to the story.
    Thank you for serving as a “touchstone” in this moment. <3

  2. Interesting to hear more of your life story. Just another reminder of how good God is, to all of us. I, too, am learning to live without my life partner. He went home to heaven four years ago this last November, two days after an unexpected stroke. It left a hole in my heart but God has been showing me that He still has work for me to do down here, so I’m walking day by day, giving myself to Him and letting Him do His thing with me. But I’m also looking ahead to the future more and more, when all pain and tears will be wiped away. We Christians have the best of both worlds: peace and purpose and joy in this broken one, and eternal, unblemished joy in the next! I long for everyone to discover this joy.

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