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All good things come to an end . . . — 6 Comments

  1. David, I am so sorry for your loss. (((HUGS))) and prayers for you. What a comforting and timely message, that good things are forever and bad things are temporary. I’ve never really thought of it all that way. Well–from now on, I hope that thought stays with me. I will be passing it on as I share your post with others.

  2. I’m so sorry about your wife’s passing. It’s been five years since Dennis went home and I thought I was doing very well with the grieving. It’s so much easier for us who trust the Lord, isn’t it? But just this year I have begun to have extreme muscle pain all through my body. I’ve been putting it down to a sciatica problem, but more and more I think it is a delayed physical reaction to the stress I went through with the shock of losing the man I had lived with for most of my long life! So be prepared for weird and interesting ways the grief will bother you. I know what you mean by sensing the Lord’s love as never before. That has been so true for me. But there are still the unconscious effects of the trauma that we will go through. And I was not disagreeing with what you said. I was just wanting to encourage you. Where can I find this latest book? When will it be out? I’d like to get a copy when it is.

    • I’ve also been finding strange things like you mention. Your comments were good. In FEb and June I published books 2 and 3 of the Ferellonian King: https://radiqx.com/ferrelonian-king-series/ Then in the first week of October I published Peace in Chaos, Book One of the Ascended Light series https://amzn.to/3gjfegh I’ve called the genre heroic miraculous reality. I’m nearing the end of book 2 in this series called Peace on the Res. It should be out around New Year.

      I’m feeling strongly that we need uplifting edifying books showing what’s possible for people who take God seriously are truly believe. So, I’m praying the Lord will enable to do that.

  3. This was a great reminder, David. I agree, and I love that you reminded me that all good things will last. I actually told students in an elementary classroom the other day that good things are permanent and bad things are only temporary. I forget how that worked into our conversation, or how it related to the children’s book I’d just been reading to them, but it seemed appropriate, especially in this amazing year of 2020! One thing I’m not sure I agree with though, is your idea that our good deeds–and our books–won’t last. They may not last. You may be right. But I’m convinced the results of those good deeds, whatever they are, and the ministry of our books, to whomever, will last. Hopefully they will all contribute to someone’s eternal happiness. God only knows. I’m glad that all we have to do is obey and then leave the results to him. Bless you. I will look forward to seeing what good thing you have just finished.

    • Thank you for writing. It’s good to hear from you. I remember when you lost your husband. I didn’t really understand. Now I’ve lost my wife. It’s a very different world now. But it’s hard to believe how closely the Lord has become to me this year.

      I probably should have worded something better. I know I pray that the Lord will anoint me to write fiction that will transform readers lives. That the only thing I really care about. So, I hope that is working. I think that I’m more suggesting that things like our books will seem so limited once we know the full Truth. But basically, I agree with your point, I believe.

      My latest one was amazing to write. I’m just finishing it up.

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