Will strong Christian content hurt my book sales — maybe

An old painting from 1980s. I still like it.

Will strong Christian content hurt my book sales — maybe, but so what? Those of you who have read my books should agree that they are focused on spiritual Truth. Being who I am, a grungy knight who’s fealty is completely to Jesus my Messiah, why would I be surprised that my reader niche is quite small in these days of rampant apostasy?

Increasingly, my attitude is that if you have trouble with this, let me introduce you to my best friend and King. Time’s getting too short to mess around. I’m looking up, listening for the trumpet.

On the other hand, I can certainly testify that Jesus is supporting me as a full-time writer, called by God to write books which reveal spiritual truth. My book sales do all right, I guess. I don’t really check that out. That’s Jesus’ problem. He’s the one who promised to meet all my needs. And he’s doing that, very well.

Will strong Christian content hurt my book sales is not an appropriate question

The pertinant questions are much more basic. “Are you, Jesus, pleased with what I am writing? Am I writing what you want me to write?” Scripture is clear that the Lord knows my needs before I ask. So, I don’t ask. I thank him for doing it.  I trust Him to continue to do it.

This entire walk is about faith. You know that.  Jesus told me that he’d bless the books, the whole series of the Ferellonian King. He told me the same about my free booklet named, Called to Write Christian Fictionwhich I put out last week. I received the same assurance about How to Study Scripture which was released this morning.

The booklet on your call to write is a free PDF available here only, so far. The How to Study Scripture is available at Amazon and on the Skilled Workman, my book production and font design site for Christian designers. The PDF is free on the Skilled Workman and the Mobi and printed version are charged as low as Amazon allows.

What are the Lord’s requirements?

Obedience, by His grace. My job is to write, design, produce, and publish whatever the Lord leads me to do. The support is simply because I’m engaged to Him. He called me and made promises. I thank Him for that. More than that He’s worthy of my worship.

I bear witness that this level of support did not occur until I was tithing 10%+ of my gross income, and giving help and offerings beyond that. My total giving is around 20%, but that means nothing. It’s a joy to be able to help. When I was being stingy with my giving, I was barely making it, financially. In fact, our finances were a major source of stress and fear.

Now that I’m giving what I want without fear, he is blessing my efforts. Finances have become no more effort than my health or ministry is. His yoke truly is easy, and His burden is light. Do I sell many books? I don’t know. I don’t expect any Pulitzer’s. I barely keep track, other than it’s part of my income which I need to keep track of for the government. The Lord blesses my creative efforts from many sources. It differs every month. My job is simply to keep doing what he asks me to do—like write this post.

What matters is simple: are you being faithful to your call?