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Political/military thriller: Counterfeit Lies by Oliver North and Bob Hamer — 3 Comments

  1. I have heard really good things about this book, North has been a great author. I guess I need to get this on the tbr pile!! I am currently reading The Far Side of Silence, it’s a great poilital/military fiction read by Robert Marcus. His site is rbmarcusjr.com, you can get a good idea of the book there. I recommend it.

  2. This book sounds right up my street actually. I’ve become a big fan of political thrillers in recent years. I will look out for this one for sure. I think you might enjoy a great political thriller from Robert Cook called ‘Pulse’. It’s part of a series that feature the same, very well developed characters and the action in these books is absolutely pulsating (no pun intended). I’ve not found a better writer of action and political thrillers than Robert Cook. I strongly recommend checking out some of the reviews for this one. My top read of 2014.

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