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A deeper faith for Christian fiction amazes me — 4 Comments

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  2. Lord, continue to work in partnership with David on this book. Anoint it and accomplish all you have purposed for it in the end.

    Thank you for constantly pushing us all back into the realm of faith.
    Thanks for the satisfaction and reward and excitement that comes to us when we take that leap into your constant Goodness!
    Bless David with peace and joy and excitement as he pursues this project, and fine-tune his efforts so that the completed product is amazing.

    In Jesus’ name, Amen!!

    I know the feeling David. I have not written another novel since Zinovy, basically for the same reasons you mention here. I sort of feel like I maybe should be writing, but so far I have not had the spark or the urgency that I felt for Zinovy. I’m willing to be re-ignited, but can’t seem to make it begin. Maybe I need to pray away the demons like you have!

    But, then again, maybe Zinovy is a stand alone. I don’t want to be motivated to write a follow up just because that’s what writers are supposed to do. I really said everything I felt needed to be said in that first book.


    • Well, Lord, if you want Ginny to write more, give her the idea, and the motivation. Then give her the faith to simply step out in faith and write the first couple of words she has. I know you can help her fill in the rest. In your name, Jesus. Amen!

      I still have fond memories of Zinovy. Pray for protection from the enemy and ask the Lord directly if He wants you to write more. If He’s behind it, the rest will happen.

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