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What has God called me to do with my writing by Yvonne Anderson — 7 Comments

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  3. Thank you, Peter. Prayer is definitely an important part of all this!
    And thank you, Janet. You’ve been an encouragement to me for the past few years, not only in your enthusiasm about Gannah but also, your own persistence as a writer. Interesting thought that short works can be seen by more people. That might be true. But I’m too long-winded to develop a plot in less than 50,000 words.

  4. Yvonne, I can so relate to your prayer about “is this what You want me to do?” Novels take so long to write, and I was concerned that I’d be wasting time that God might have a better use for. Short writing could just feel like a hobby or a rest break, but novels are a major investment (although no more important — I actually think short work, if published, can be seen by more people than those who see the average novel).

    Thanks for sharing your journey, and for doing your part to follow the lamplight. And yes, God does have a great sense of humour 🙂 I’ve enjoyed the Gannah series and am looking forward to reading book 4. A few more books in queue first…

  5. This is very uplifting. I love her candor and honesty about her journey. Reading this, gives me encouragement that maybe I should give writing a go, everyone says I should! Just need to know that this is what God wants. More prayer needed on my part.

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