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Christian authors and readers have a serious calling

The vision is to provide resources for Christian authors and readers, focusing on God’s call, the production of anointed materials, and vetted book reviews. You can see an example of that to the left [email David and he’ll send you a digital copy].

Technical support and mentoring for Christian self-publishers is found in our companion site: The Skilled Workman. There you will also find Book Publishing With InDesign CC, the book on the best method to self-publish on a professional level.

Christian authors and readers are both essential to our effort!

Our twin focus is first to encourage authors to participate in the final harvest as we prepare for the Coming of our King. It’s a glorious time to be alive and the Lord is looking for authors to help Him save all possible before the Wrath which is to come falls on the Earth.

Second, we also need and serve readers, both to help us stay on track, and to share these resources with their friends and acquaintances. As authors and creators, we must stay attached to the Head, Jesus, as well as the readers we serve. For having a call from God necessarily means we serve those we are given. Our readers are our flock with whom we are called minister. Jesus told us we will be held to account for everything we say [or write]. We take that seriously.

Readers are needed for feedback, reviews, and sharing. The only marketing which really works is the recommendation of a trusted friend. Only our readers can provide this info to their friends. We want to help our readers understand the important part they play in this work.

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As a major part of this vision for both Christian authors and readers, I believe that the Kingdom needs more authors willing to lay it all on the line and create books containing the reality of the Christian life. We need readers searching for books of this quality and sharing them. We need books which go beyond mentions of church and vague faith statements. We really need books which share the reality of the power available to believers to bring love, joy, and healing to a world desperately needing hope. The darkness we see in the world today is but the birth pangs of the coming Kingdom on Earth. That’s our glorious hope. God, the Father of us all, is coming to live with us forever in an earth designed for us to share. Alleluia!

David Bergsland, older’n’dirt, site owner.

So, welcome! I hope you enjoy the ride!

Here’s all the postings from new to old

It starts from above always in the Messiah

For the Christian author, it starts from above — always! Anything good we produce comes via the Holy Spirit. Your books will have no power without rhema, which is that Word from the Lord specifically targeting the readers of your efforts. It … Continue reading →

Writing parables required for Christian fiction?

Is writing parables required for Christian fiction? Probably. The Lord has been showing me scriptures about this for a couple of decades now. It just finally clicked. Yes, I’m kind of slow at times. I was reading Luke a few … Continue reading →

The Day the Towers Fall is coming upon us soon

For several decades, I’ve pondered the enigmatic verse in Isaiah 30:25 about the day the towers fall. For a long time I was convinced it will be all the minarets, but what else can it be? What clues do we … Continue reading →

Messiah’s Mind, Jesus is the head, we’re the Body

All of our direction comes from Messiah’s Mind. If it doesn’t we’re fools, at best. Everything we do down here is merely the seed for what happens after we go. As usual, John Follette says it well: I am so … Continue reading →

Fire Prophets: The Way, Book 1 by Guy Stanton III

This first book of the Fire Prophets series is epic high fantasy, though I would tend to call it lyric and even poetic at times. As you might know, I normally don’t like this stuff, but after a slightly slow … Continue reading →

To the end of yourself, have you arrived?

Have you come to the end of yourself yet? This is what struck me this afternoon as I gave the Lord some time to talk with me. I was reading Golden Grain again after the scripture passage He gave me: … Continue reading →

Christian scifi Dragon Warrior and the Princess

Christian scifi Dragon Warrior and the Princess is a wonderful tale. This is the second review I’ve written. I have no excuse for the first one. It came early in my reviewing effort, before I realized how bad most Christian … Continue reading →


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