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The vision of this site is to provide resources for the Christian author, vetted books for readers, anointed materials to share with the Kingdom and the world [the free booklet to the left is one example], and a book review site with reviews from trusted reviewers.

Technical support and mentoring for Christian self-publishers is found in our companion site: The Skilled Workman. There you will also find Book Publishing With InDesign CC, the book on the best method to self-publish on a professional level.

Our twin focus is first to encourage authors to participate in the final harvest as we prepare for the Coming of our King. It’s a glorious time to be alive and the Lord is looking for authors to help Him save all possible before the Wrath which is to come falls on the Earth.

Second, we also need and serve readers, and commenters, both to help us stay on track, and to share these resources with their friends and acquaintances. As authors and creators, we must stay attached to the Head, Jesus, as well as the readers we serve. For having a call from God necessarily means we serve those we are given. Our readers are our flock with whom we are called minister. Jesus told us we will be held to account for everything we say [or write]. We take that seriously.

As a major part of this vision, I believe that the Kingdom needs more authors willing to lay it all on the line and share books containing the reality of the Christian life. We need books which go beyond mentions of church and vague faith statements. We really need books which share the reality of the power available to believers to bring love, joy, and healing to a world desperately needing hope. The darkness we see in the world today is but the birth pangs of the coming Kingdom on Earth. That’s our glorious hope. God, the Father of us all, is coming to live with us forever in an earth designed for us to share. Alleluia!

David Bergsland, older’n’dirt, site owner.

So, Welcome! I hope you enjoy the ride!

Here’s all the postings from new to old

Christian YA Spiritual Warfare: Called Warrior by EJ McCay

Girly teenybopper emotions and angst? Sure! But, it’s so much more than that. It’s an excellent book touching Truth in a wonderful tale of entertainment. This is spiritual warfare on a superhero level. This tale has strong spirit-filled believing adults, … Continue reading →

Steampunk fantasy: Tainted by Morgan L. Busse

No, despite being from Enclave, it’s not Christian. It’s not even clean, with violence, ugliness, accoutrements de horror, blood, torture, and the sexual titillation of illicit lust. I guess you figure I didn’t like it. You get the Kewpie doll. … Continue reading →

Christian Science Fiction: The Shatterworld trilogy by Lelia Rose Foreman

This trilogy has Shatterworld, Circumnavigation of Shatterworld, and Pacifists’ War Don’t let the enigmatic nature of the covers or the 12 year old heroine in the first book deter you. These are seriously good novels. The basic plot is an old one: a … Continue reading →

Christian Science Fiction: Robo-Raptors and the Gutsy Rebels by Ben Patterson

Another wonderful LITTLE book from Ben’s marvelous galaxy. It’s like visiting a favorite brother’s home now. Ben has created a place where the good guys are believers, or maybe heading that way, with nasty, but realistic, bad guys and despicable governments. … Continue reading →

We need reality. Bono & Peterson know that. Why all the books which miss it?

Here’s our issues as writers and musicians. We need reality, people. Not harsh, nasty reality, because we live in a Kingdom of love with a miraculous, amazing King. But we’ve got to keep it real to have any chance at … Continue reading →

Christian Dystopian Science Fiction: Defier, The Girl Who Stood by Mandy Fender

I just gave this a brief review on Amazon: “This was a fun read. It’s a bit predictable, but the twists are interesting. The tale is fun–the good guys and gals are admirable. The scenario is exciting. It’s good Christian … Continue reading →

You can’t write redemptive fiction, without His power

I want to start with a little quote from John Follette in “Golden Grain”: Education is good, but I want it to be where it belongs. It is the mechanism, the mechanics, the world of flesh and time. It does … Continue reading →

Christian mid-school fantasy: Of Mobsters and Magic (A Prince of Lynvia Book 2) by Chris Solaas

This one is also great fun to read. The children continue to grow in character. The state of the worlds becomes more clear. This book is even more funny than the first. Fantasy & superheroes, does it get better than … Continue reading →

Christian mid-school fantasy: Of Secrets and Sorcery (A Prince of Lynvia Book 1) by Chris Solaas

This book is obviously targeted at early teens and pre-teens, but I enjoyed them a lot at 72 years old. Though the children make mistakes appropriate to their age, they are all surprisingly mature and complex. The adults are quite … Continue reading →

Is it time for Christian fiction to die? by Eric Wilson

March 19, 2011 Eric wrote this over five years ago. I’d like to be able to say that we’ve come a long way since then. In some ways we have—but only for the indies and the self-publishers. Traditional publishers still have … Continue reading →

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